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Glass custom wine cellar build for Property Brothers in the USA
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Wine walls.

Improve your space with wine walls, and watch your wine cellar exceed your expectations.

Choosing to include wine walls in your cellar in your 2021 build, prolongates your wine collection and makes use of the height of your space.

Wall wine cellars are also looked at as a more convenient structure as opposed to the more asymmetrical designs, such as abstract or traditional.

There’s less room for playful features, as this type of configuration gets straight to the point with it’s linear format. Keep it simple and uncomplicated this year with a wine wall cellar build.

Glass wine cellar centrepiece in residential home

Glass wine cellars.

Crafting a glass wine cellar gives you the added benefit of being able to see your wine arrangement, whether it’s for your home or restaurant.

There’s a special type of delicacy and luxury that glass wine cellars illustrate to the observer. You can choose between having your labels forward or hidden, for two very different styles of composition.

Glass wine cellars continue to endure through the decades because of their simple architecture, and clean lines that blend well with any home’s interior design.

Wooden wine cellar | What makes a good wine cellar?
built in traditional wine cellar in residential home

Traditional wine cellars.

Keep it old school and craft your wine cellar entirely out of wood. This wine cellar idea is timeless and continues to remain a popular choice for wine enthusiasts out there.

By choosing a wooden wine cellar, this can act as a sophisticated and ageless piece of art in your home. There is also an elegance that comes from the unique markings of wood, adding depth and texture to a polished structure like this.

There’s also room to play with through choosing wood as your key wine cellar material, as you can carve out nearly any shape or silhouette into your design.

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