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  • Wine cellars can increase the value of your home.

Wine is becoming the beverage of choice.

Temperature-controlled, dedicated wine storage is becoming more common as the beverage gains popularity among consumers. Homeowners are looking for the convenience of having their own wines on hand, and the ability to store those wines correctly to retain their quality. Wine rooms are therefore becoming much more popular in new builds as well as home renovations.

Buyers who are looking for this unique feature in an existing home are willing to pay for it.

Wine cellars now exceed demand over home theaters.

There was a time in the not-to-distant-past that home theaters were all the rage. However, that trend seems to be shifting. Now, homeowners are shunning the idea of home gyms or movie areas in favor of wine cellars.

The reasons may vary for this. Some believe it’s the growing popularity of wine. Others say that those who collect wine want to do so in a stable, custom, climate controlled wine room that they can design to their liking.

Still others feel it adds a level of elegance that a home gym or home theater simply doesn’t, as those two tend to be hidden out of sight from most guests, while a custom wine room can become the centerpiece of a home.

Wine rooms can transform an unusable or under-utilized space.

A professional wine cellar designer and installer can work with a homeowner to renovate a previously unused or under-utilized space in a home, and turn it into a modern wine cellar.

Basements, off-kitchen storage rooms, mud rooms and other optional spaces can go from being wasted space to highly utilized, functional wine rooms. This can add value in the eyes of a home buyer

Home buyers are looking for custom features in homes.

Today’s home buyer has a lot of options to choose from, whether it’s buying brand new or buying an existing home that’s been renovated. Anyone who has gone home shopping for an existing home quickly recognizes how often the typical home owner renovates their home to fit a typical home.

Home buyers shopping for something unique and different will quickly recognize the uniqueness of a home with a wine cellar, especially a climate controlled wine room. Homes in extremely hot or extremely cold climates don’t do well to have a few built-in wine racks on an open wall, but a custom wine room that can protect wines is a definitely plus.

Luxury homes demand stylish features.

Remodels in luxury homes in upscale neighborhoods benefit especially well from adding a custom wine room to the home when it comes to resale value. For a new generation, for whom wine collecting is as much a social hobby as an investment strategy, wine rooms are a must.

Homes that attract upscale buyers include wine rooms that are the centerpiece of the home. Having a luxury modern wine cellar be the centerpiece of a home can set the home apart from others and demand a higher price for those seeking to have a wine room in their home.

Home buyers today are unlike those in the past. With more people staying in their homes and renovating versus choosing to move, having a home with a unique, eye-catching feature such as a custom wine room will add value to the home and can positively impact the resale value.

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