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Wine cellar climate control.

Temperature control is a critical aspect of any wine cellar.

Maintaining the correct temperature in a wine cellar will preserve your precious investment until it has reached its optimum age for consumption. Heritage Vine specializes in refrigerated wine cellars.

Some wines take ten years or more to reach maturity, so the quality of your wine cellar cooling system is vital.

Heritage Vine’s expertise in climate control for wine cellars provides only the best solutions for your wine storage needs. We use only UL certified, commercial-grade refrigeration equipment that has been tested under the most extreme weather conditions to ensure our ability to provide a cooling system for your cellar that is unsurpassed. Our equipment is installed strictly by licensed, bonded, and insured technicians who specialize only in wine rooms.

With Heritage Vine, you can rest assured that your wine collection is protected with the highest-quality climate control systems available.

Ducted cooling system.

Completely self-contained and infinitely flexible, ducted wine cellar cooling units are among the most versatile cooling systems on the market. Their design allows for easy installation and maintenance in both commercial and residential settings while providing optimal temperature and humidity control.

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Split system.

Provides superb air distribution and temperature control for optimal conditioning of your valuable wine collection. The extremely quiet and virtually vibration-free system offers maximum flexibility in system location and cellar designs.

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Available for ducted and ducted split systems as either integrated or freestanding units. The freestanding version can be used with any wine cellar air conditioning system, while the integrated version can only be mounted to a Wine Guardian system. Both types are designed to increase humidity levels in commercial or residential wine cellars of all types and sizes. As with all Wine Guardian products, our humidifiers are uniquely designed to deliver superior performance and reliability — just what you need to ensure that your fine wine collection ages at its finest.

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Through the wall.

Cooling systems are available in two sizes, for cellars up to 1500 cubic feet (40 m3), each with a sleek, modern design to match the unique style of today’s wine cellar. Perfect for small to mid-sized cellars, this innovative system offers exceptional air flow and maintains optimal temperature and humidity — all with the quietest operation in its class.

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Wine cellar cooling unit installation.

Services currently available in Arizona only. Our wine cooling installation services include*:

  • Accurate climate control to protect your wine collection
  • A temperature monitoring system
  • A preventative maintenance plan to ensure continual cooling

*Each cooling system is uniquely sized for each space, not all services are available for every unit. Please contact us for a quote.

We have several different types of wine cellar cooling systems to choose from. Whether you have an expansive collection of wines, or you’re just starting to get in the habit, our team of technicians can assemble a cooling system that fits your particular specifications.

Our expert cooling installation specialist will work with you to choose the right system for you.

Protecting your wine investment is important! Contact us about our wine cellar cooling system installation today!

Want to learn more about our wine cellar cooling system installation services?

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Preventative maintenance.

The integrity of your wine collection relies upon your cellar operating as it should. Preventative maintenance is the key to your peace of mind.

Custom wine cellar maintenance

Start your custom wine cellar project today.