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Glass enclosed wine cellar displayed in a luxury home living area

Steps you should follow when designing a custom wine cellar.

Designing a custom wine cellar is every serious wine enthusiast’s dream. After all, not only does a wine cellar represent the best way to keep your cherished vintages properly stored and protected from the effects of time, temperature, and sunlight, but it can also serve as an attractive way to display your collection. Read on to learn more about the steps you should follow when designing a custom wine cellar.

History of wine cellars

The history of wine cellars.

The love affair with wine goes back hundreds of years, as archaeologists have found evidence of winemaking that predates written records. It’s safe to say that once humankind discovered the sweet, fermented nectar of the vineyard, people and wine would be inseparably intertwined throughout history. While wine was originally made for the moment to be consumed at celebrations, with meals, and to provide a beverage when waters were undrinkable, eventually a trade developed around the selling of wine. The history of wine cellars is actually quite fascinating!

Fork 1 cable wine system custom wine cellar by Papro Consulting 2

How long should you keep wine in your wine cellar.

Having a wine cellar in your home can provide the opportunity to collect your favorite wines to enjoy at a later date. However, most people are fairly unsure when it comes to which wines stand up to long-term storage, and which ones should be consumed sooner rather than later. This article will help wine collectors have a better understanding of how long you should keep your wine in a wine cellar.

Residential traditional styled wine room in a dining area

How much does it cost to build a wine cellar?

One of the first questions people want answered is ‘How much does it cost to build a wine cellar?’ While the answer can vary greatly depending on the design, materials, and features, our goal is to provide you some answers to make this luxurious dream a reality.

Residential wine wall

Why do wine cellars develop moisture and condensation issues?

To keep wines at their ideal temperature, custom wine cellars are typically built to include climate control functionality to keep temperature and humidity in balance. There are times, however, when wine cellars still develop moisture issues, including condensation and fogging. Why do wine cellars develop moisture and condensation issues, and how can you fix the problem?

Three bottle of red wine store in a metal wine racking system

6 tips for storing wine in hotter climates.

One of the biggest challenges faced by wine collectors is how to properly control the climate of your wine room. Wine collectors in hotter or more humid areas have a particularly hard time with climate control and preventing wine heat damage. Below are 6 tips for wine rooms and how to keep your wine collection at its peak quality.

Climate controlled glass-enclosed wine wall in a residential home

Choosing the right climate control system for your wine cellar.

Climate control is an extremely important part of any wine cellar design. Since there are several options to choose from when it comes to wine room cooling systems, it’s important to understand the role a climate control system plays, what the functionalities are, and why someone would choose a cooled vs. passive wine cellar for their home or restaurant. Below are some helpful tips to ensure you’re choosing the right climate control system for your wine cellar.

Narrow traditional styled wine cellar full with wine bottles

What’s the best temperature to store my wines?

Whether you’re a beginner wine drinker or a wine aficionado, people are often asking “What’s the best temperature is to store my wines?” By far one of the most often asked questions by wine collectors, the answers can be as varied as the wines being stored, depending on who you ask.

Door opened to traditional wine cellar off the living area of a residential home

How technology is impacting the wine industry.

Technology has made its mark on virtually every industry, so it was only a matter of time before the wine industry was impacted by technology as well. There are many ways that technology has enhanced wine collecting and the wine industry overall.

Glass enclosed wine wall with metal racking

Smart thermostats for wine cellars: are they worth It?

The technology available for both commercial wine cellars and home wine rooms has improved dramatically over the years. Wine cellars can now have inventory software, ambient lighting, and many other options. One of the most popular items is smart thermostats for wine cellars. With so many options available, prices can vary significantly but the question is: are they worth it?

Modern wall wine cellar racking system in a residential home in Los Angeles

Transforming your small space with a modern wine cellar.

It all starts with one bottle. One becomes two, two becomes a case, now multiple cases. We’ve all been there. Before you know it, you have a full-blown collection. But now you have a problem, ‘where do I put all of these bottles’? Of course, a custom-built wine cellar is your best option. But what if you don’t have a whole room to dedicate to your new collection? Don’t despair, modern wine cellars can be installed pretty much anywhere. Here are a few things to consider when it comes to transforming your small space with a modern wine cellar.

Wooden custom built sauna with glass doors in a luxury residential home

A homeowner’s guide to building a custom sauna.

There are numerous articles that have been published about the health benefits of saunas. More and more homeowners are now embracing the idea of having a custom sauna installed in their homes. For new builds, a custom sauna can be incorporated into the design of the new home. However, many homeowners want to install a sauna into their existing homes. Below are a few pointers to consider when building a custom sauna.

Commercial custom wine cellar in a luxury restaurant

Safeguard your bespoke wine cellar from the dangers of damp and mold.

More than half of U.S. homes have a mold problem, according to This Old House. One of the most common rooms to find mold in is the basement as it tends to be colder and more susceptible to damp than the rest of the home. However, mold and damp can ruin the overall appeal of your custom wine cellar, and even impact the vintage wine bottles that you’ve got stashed in there. It’s therefore vital that you take steps to combat damp and mold from growing in your bespoke wine cellar.

Traditional wine cellar built in a condominium

The challenges of installing a wine cellar in a condominium.

It’s entertaining to scroll through pictures of gorgeous, luxurious, and expansive custom wine cellar designs. There are so many options for lighting, climate control, styles, and other accessories; you truly can get the custom wine room you’ve always wanted. However, if you live in a condominium where space is limited, and wall space is shared, there are some considerations when building a cellar. We’ll discuss the challenges of installing a wine cellar in a condominium and the solutions available.

Wall art of a hairy man reflecting on a glass enclosed wall wine cellar

Why a vapor barrier is important for your wine cellar.

One of the most important aspects of any wine cellar is ensuring that the cellar remains at the proper temperature. One of the ways to control the climate in a wine cellar is by creating a vapor barrier. While most wine cellar owners may not be familiar with what a vapor barrier is and what its function is, it’s a good idea to familiarize yourself to ensure your wine cellar is functioning properly. Learn why a vapor barrier is important for your wine cellar.

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