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Short term vs. long term.

Firstly, decide whether your champagne is one for the short or long term.

This matters because direct sunlight can not only affect the temperature of the champagne, it can also affect it’s chemical make-up and tasting composition.

Keep your champagne enclosed if you’re seeking a short-term opening. On the other hand, a tip for how to store champagne long term; find a space in your room, wall or cellar that is free from vibrations.

This can become detriment to your champagne’s flavor and ageing potential.


Champagne storing temperature.

Another important thing to consider is temperature. Again, it does depend on the duration you wish to leave your champagne opened.

If this is a couple of hours; feel free to use an ice bucket to cool it in the meantime. If this is for a couple of days; keep it in your fridge at around 50°F.

However, if you want it to mature your wine you’ll need to store it in a wine room at 55°F in order to keep the desired consistency in aroma, taste and age.

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How long to store unopened champagne.

The short answer is around 10 years. However, make sure you take into account whether your wine is vintage or non vintage before committing, as this brings more into the equation.

Vintage champagne specifically derives from grapes that are harvested young, while non-vintage champagne grows from more mature grapes that are harvested across many years.

Therefore, vintage champagne can be stored up to 10 years, and non-vintage champagne up to 4 years. As these both require long-term ageing, consider storing yours in a quality-designed Heritage Vine wine cellar or room.

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How long to store opened champagne.

There’s not too much you need to know about how to store champagne that’s been opened.

This is because, just like a fizzy drink, it will go flat after 3 to 5 days. The bubbles will dissipate and the champagne’s fresh taste will begin to go.

Resealing it between each consumption is important, and also leaving it in the refrigerator. These are the best methods for keeping your champagne for longer.

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