Modern wine cellar with glass doors on display in a luxury home

Modern wine cellars.

Here’s to being bold with innovative modern wine cellars.

The key things that distinguish a more traditional cellar from a modern wine cellar are materials. Heritage Vine specializes in custom contemporary wine cellar designs to complement modern homes and commercial establishments. Modern wine cellars keep your wine stored well while accentuating the rest of your home.

These innovative wine cellar designs incorporate clean lines, frameless glass, stainless steel, and acrylic; all reflective of a more updated and sleek look. Not only can we make your vision of a modern wine cellar a reality, but Heritage Vine has also forged the path towards a more compact, stylish wine wall application.

Los Angeles Custom Wine Cellar Design

Modern wine room aesthetic backed by plenty of heritage.

Our innovative wine cellars take advantage of frameless glass and shallow wine walls where space is at a premium. Ideal for high-rise condominiums or dining room niches, this modern look incorporates seamless function with unmatched elegance in design and implementation for wine storage.

Glass wine cellar centrepiece in residential home

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