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Eddie V’s San Diego - custom wine cellar installation.

Artful. Tasteful.

Heritage Vine has installed some spectacular wine cellars in homes and restaurants all over the country and internationally for years, but the Eddie V’s wine cellar in San Diego is one that can truly be called a work of art.

The project started when Darden Restaurants approached us with a concept for a wine cellar that would serve as a centrepiece for their San Diego restaurant.

After discussing their vision and needs, Heritage Vine and DPA Architecture came back with a design that was exactly the concept they were looking for.

The wine cellar itself is a free-standing unit, not attached to any ceilings or walls. The cellar is a rectangular glass box enclosure, with glass that goes up and over the entire wine cellar.

two story commercial glass wine wall

10,000 pounds of wine. One grand design.

This was a huge undertaking and took a collaborative effort between the restaurant owners, architects, structural engineers and Heritage Vine wine cellar design and installers.

Due to the sheer size of the wine cellar, special considerations required a structural engineer to ensure the foundation could support the wine room and keep the wines safe. With almost 10,000 pounds of wine bottles and racking supported by the floor, it required the engineers to drill in micropile foundation for structural integrity.

This massive wine cellar is accessible by rolling ladder for lower shelves of the wine room and is accessible by mezzanine for the upper levels.

man on ladder in wine cellar

The materials used included stainless steel and sapele wood, a wood often used in the construction of fine furniture and cabinetwork. Fabrication of the wine cellar took three weeks to custom build, and two full days of installation, but the results are stunning.

Since this premiere installation, Heritage Vine has done additional modern wine cellar installations at other locations for Darden Restaurants, including La Jolla, Scottsdale, Tampa, Orlando, San Diego, Kansas City and others. The Scottsdale installation features a 17-foot-tall wine room and is also a free-standing installation. Anyone who visits these restaurants is immediately struck by the beauty and uniqueness of these wine rooms.

Heritage Vine is proud of it’s unique, one of a kind, innovative wine cellar designs for restaurants, country clubs and homes. We consider each one a work of art!

glass wine wall in Eddie V's restaurant San Diego

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