Custom Wine Cellar by Heritage Vine

Custom wine cellars.

At the crossroads of tradition and innovation is a magical place where the very best custom wine cellars are created.

Heritage Vine's wine cellar specialists are experienced in designing custom wine cellars for homes, restaurants, wine stores, commercial venues and country clubs. Our industry-leading consultants specialize in traditional, modern contemporary and transitional styles with no design detail left to chance. We work collaboratively with our clients to create unique, custom wine cellars, wine rooms and wine walls, bespoke to each individual's specific requirements and tastes.

Traditional wine cellars.

Cellaring of wine has a long and colourful history, which is replete with heritage and tradition. Our traditional, custom wine cellars celebrate the beauty of rich, high-quality wood intertwined with intricate details that lend themselves to a more classical cellar style.

S Presario Trail custom wine cellar

Modern wine cellar room.

Heritage Vine specializes in custom, contemporary wine cellar innovations to complement modern homes and commercial establishments. A modern wine cellar stores and protects your collection, while accentuating the design of the home and adding value to the space.

Innovative custom wine cellar in modern living room

Glass wine cellars.

Glass-enclosed wine cellars are an increasingly popular trend in the wine cellar industry. Glass doors and walls provide a clean aesthetic that showcases the wine collection with timeless simplicity, creating a stunning, eye-catching feature that brings each space to life and adds an element of visual interest.

Glass enclosed custom wine cellar

Wine walls.

Enjoy the convenience of customized, made-to-measure wine storage in your home or business on virtually any wall. Wine walls store the same wine bottle capacity and have the same protective elements as a wine room or wine cellar, without having to forgo valuable space.

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Commercial wine cellars.

Today’s restaurants, wine stores and country clubs demand a custom wine cellar solution that melds style with functionality. At Heritage Vine, we pride ourselves at being innovators in commercial wine storage.

Custom wine cellar designed by Heritage Vine

Wine rooms.

Custom wine rooms are an excellent, complimentary feature to enhance your fine wine collection. Decide on a traditional, modern or ‘transitional’ style for your room, then customize the space to suit your collection and needs. The Heritage Vine specialists will help you bring your vision to life, creating a beautiful space to store, view and taste your collection.

Inside a custom wine cellar room.


Design. Craft. Deliver. The motto that underpins our logo, which is our family crest, describes the end-to-end service we bring to the process of creating a bespoke, custom wine display.

At Heritage Vine, you will collaborate with an attentive, inventive design team of industry-leading experts with years of experience.  A cohort of craftspeople with access to the very best materials and technology, and a precision-focused group of logicians who install and maintain your one-of-a-kind, custom wine cellar with minimum environmental impact and maximum aesthetic impact.

Dim lit wine cellar in restaurant

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