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Wine rooms.

Designed, built and delivered by Heritage Vine.

Inside the mind of a French champagne maker in the 1600s, underground caves were the best spaces to store a wine collection. In the 21st century, spaces like spare rooms continue to be ideal for transforming into wine rooms.

For your residence, restaurant or business, wine rooms are an excellent, complimentary feature to enhance your fine wine collection. Decide on a traditional, modern or ‘transitional’ style for your wine room. The Heritage Vine specialists will help you bring your vision to life.

Heritage Vine traditional custom wine cellar

Increase the value of your home.

Discovering new, innovative ways to increase the value of your house is helpful as a homeowner. Therefore, homes with wine rooms continue to be built and appreciated by many. Some of these include; boosting the character of your home, the popularity of wine rooms in the 21st century, the utilization of extra space, and the glamorous feature of a wine room in any high-end home.

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Traditional wine rooms.

The history and traditions of wine cellaring goes far back in time, as early as the 1600s. Heritage Vine traditional wine rooms celebrate the beauty of this tradition through rich woods and intricate detailing.

Heritage Vine traditional custom wine cellar

Modern wine rooms.

Heritage Vine specializes in custom contemporary wine room innovations to complement modern homes and commercial establishments. Modern wine rooms keep your wine stored well, while highlighting the design of your home.

Custom wine cellar by Heritage Vine

Glass wine rooms.

Glass-enclosed wine rooms are a popular trend in the wine cellar industry. Glass doors and surrounding walls provide a clean aesthetic that showcases your collection with timeless simplicity.

Modern custom wine cellar

Commercial wine rooms.

Today’s restaurants, wine stores and country clubs demand a highly customized wine storage that melds style with functionality. At Heritage Vine, we pride ourselves on being innovators in commercial wine room storage.

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