Heritage Vine innovative wine cellar designed and built in the Vitri Luxury Apartments in Arizona

Innovative wine cellar design.

We pride ourselves on being the best wine cellar designers in the industry.

When creating a custom wine cellar, the earlier you engage with the design team in the process, the better the result is typically going to be. This is especially true for new builds, and particularly so for commercial spaces.

For example, in a high-end restaurant, access to the cellar is core to your workflow, but then it also needs to be somewhere where climate control is feasible. Then again, if you want your customers to see the collection, now we’re talking about a completely different outcome.

Is this a space you want to escape to or do you want it front and centre, an artistic expression of your love of the grape?

We ‘listen first, design second’, to make sure that every request is considered and then all cellar design hurdles are removed. So that your custom cellar is designed, crafted and then installed with just the right balance of expediency, luxury and logistical precision. 

Residential Glass Inclosed Wine Cellar on kitchen wall
Commercial wine cellar wall in affluent New York restaurant
5 reasons to build a wine cellar with Heritage Vine


Our residential and commercial custom wine rooms are unsurpassed in quality and craftsmanship and are featured in homes and restaurants all over the country.

Cigar Drawer


Once crafted, your custom wine cellar is packed, shipped and then Installed with precision and minimum impact upon your day-to-day operations.



Your wine cellar’s climate is controlled by precision technology, which is always running to ensure your wine collection stored correctly. This technology needs regular fine-tuning and preventative maintenance to protect your investment.

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What would you like to create?

Let’s talk about your vision. Traditional or modern; cellar, room or wall - together, we will create a custom wine cellar that reflects your taste, and your heritage.