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Awards & Recognition

Heritage Vine - where passion meets award-winning craftsmanship.

Our commitment to innovation, quality design, craftsmanship and service has earned us recognition as masters in creating custom wine cellars.

In the media

From wine writers to rock stars, we’ve certainly created headlines as well as custom wine cellars along the way.

In an article discussing the increasing number of luxury wine cellars, WSJ spoke with several wine cellar professionals, including Heritage Vine owner Jamie Dunjey. The article talked about the challenges of wine cellar cooling, how adding a custom wine room adds value to homes, and Heritage Vine’s wine cellar installations in model homes. Heritage Vine was honored to be interviewed for this featured article, illustrating our strong nationwide and international presence in custom wine cellar installation.

The feature article, “Posh Pours: 3 stellar wine cellars”, Heritage Vine was featured for its contemporary wine cellar installation in California. With a location in New York, Heritage Vine serves many customers seeking a custom wine cellar solution in New York City, so we were exceptionally thrilled to be featured in this publication, which resulted in several inquiries from both homeowners and restaurant owners in the Tri-State area. The wine room pictured in the article was a very unique style, and was a beautiful illustration of how a client’s vision for a custom wine room can become a reality.

In the article, “Desert Cool” our custom wine room was front and center in the article’s photography. The focal point of the main living space showcased is a glass-enclosed wine room that separates the living area from the dining area. It’s visible from the outside front entry, and the stylish element defines the space without blocking light. It was another fabulous showcase for our modern wine room design.

According to home wine cellar manufacturer Heritage Vine, the least expensive custom wine cellar rings in around $15,000, a price that includes climate control, wine racks and construction materials. The most expensive option, a 300-square-foot room that holds 3,245 bottles, can bump the cost up to $74,000 and beyond. Those estimates only include the cost of design, wine racks, cooling and installation — don’t forget to account for the price of the wine you want to house.

“Wine cellars come out of the basement to become status symbols”, Heritage Vine was the only U.S. company featured in this article by the Financial Times. The article talks about wine cellars becoming an essential design element for upscale homes. Our Heritage Vine owner and founder, Jamie Dunjey, was referenced in his belief that cellars are overtaking home gyms and private cinemas in desirability, largely because a wine space can become a central design feature. The article’s focus on the desirability of these high end, showpiece cellars was a tremendous distinction for our company from one of the most high profile newspapers in the world.

A custom wine cellar by Heritage Vine is featured in this article, “PBJ Cribs: See inside the $5 million custom Chandler home of LifeLock co-founder Todd Davis (Video)”.

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