Traditional wine cellar in a luxury residential home

Traditional wine cellars.

For homeowners, restaurants and businesses.

The history and traditions of wine cellars (link to The History of Wine Cellars page) goes far back in time. As early as the 1600s, the French were utilizing old Roman mining caves for their storage of champagne. Heritage Vine traditional wine cellar designs celebrate the beauty of this tradition through rich woods and intricate detailing. Lending themselves to a more classic cellar style.

The beauty of a traditional wine cellar is in the richness of the materials you choose. We craft your cellar using more sought after woods in the industry, such as; walnut, redwood, mahogany, oak, and imported European beech. These natural woods construct a warm, inviting space for your home, restaurant or business.

Wooden traditional wine cellar increases the value of your home

Working with the best in the industry.

Heritage Vine’s team of designers and builders engage with the best suppliers in the industry. This includes sourcing brick, natural stone, tile and wood floors, barrelled ceilings, stone columns and rolling ladders. We deliver the finest traditional wine cellars in our field. Contact our sales team today to talk about the requirements of your upcoming project.

Traditional wine cellar

Project - Scottsdale Gem.

Traditional wine cellars like this capture your imagination with stunning design, classic features and pure ambiance. The Scottsdale Gem is enriched with Knotty Alder wood and a custom low VOC stain. Offering a colorful vibrance and playful aura when lit up in the dark.

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Close up of the wood detailing used in the joinery of a traditional wine cellar
Commercial traditional wine cellar in a New York wine store

How to choose the right features for traditional wine cellars.

Choose from a wide range of traditional options such as brick, natural stone, tile and wood floors, barrelled ceilings, stone columns and rolling ladders. If your taste in décor is more in line with warm, rich woods and intricate details, then choosing one of our traditional wine cellars is the way you should go. However, if you don’t feel like you fall fully in the traditional camp, then your best route could be what we call a ‘transitional’ style. This combines features from both traditional and modern wine cellars, which better match your taste.

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Traditional wine cellar wall
Traditional wine cellar with ladder and barrel

Much more than a wine cellar.

Traditional wine cellars don’t always have to store wine. Restaurants, country clubs and homeowners are transforming their wine rooms into spaces to entertain. If this is what you envision, consider looking at your cellar’s functionality such as; seating, lighting, sound, glassware and cooling system, to make your guests feel more welcomed.

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