Traditional wooden wine cellar in a luxury residential home

Traditional wine cellars.

Traditional and yet, anything but.

Cellaring of wine has a long and colourful history, which is replete with heritage and tradition. Our traditional wine cellar designs celebrate the beauty of rich woods and intricate details that lend themselves to a more classical cellar style.

Your new wine room will be crafted using the most sought after woods in the industry, including solid walnut, redwood, mahogany, oak, and imported European beech. These rich, natural woods create a warm, inviting wine cellar for your home or restaurant.

A long tradition of working with the best.

As your custom wine cellar designers, we engage with the best suppliers in the industry to create a turnkey cellar aesthetic. This can include the use of brick, natural stone, tile, and wood floors, barrelled ceilings, stone columns, & rolling ladders. The options are boundless as to how elegant we can make your traditional wine cellar. Our goal is not just to provide the finest wine rooms in the industry, but also to create a fully customized wine room environment.

traditional wine cellar
Close up of the wood detailing used in the joinery of a traditional wine cellar
Commercial traditional styled wine cellar in a New York wine store

What would you like to create?

Let’s talk about your vision. Traditional or modern; cellar, room or wall - together, we will create a custom wine cellar that reflects your taste, and your heritage.