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The Mirabel Club - Scottsdale, Arizona

Heritage Vine was hand picked to design, craft and deliver this stunning, modern wine room at the Mirabel Golf Club in North Scottsdale, Arizona.

When the Mirabel Golf Club envisioned a custom wine cellar for their newly remodelled clubhouse restaurant, they turned to the Heritage Vine wine cellar design experts. Provided with a 'blank slate', our team were tasked with creating a bespoke wine cellar for the wine-forward golf community, that would serve as a focal point for the restaurant as well as a space for wine preparation for the clubhouse restaurant team - requiring a perfect blend of functionality and aesthetic appeal.

Wine Cellar Details:

HV MICC02042021 Mirabel Country Club Scottdale AZ 002

This beautiful example of design and craftsmanship showcases our ability to create a stunning cellar that not only enhances a space, but serves as a functional area and protects the wine collection.

With added challenges of hiding refrigeration from view and ensuring that there was ample space for not only wine display, but for a working restaurant to prepare and serve, Heritage Vine have created a stunning cellar that the Mirabel Club community are exceptionally proud to call their own.

HV MICC02042021 Mirabel Country Club Scottdale AZ 001

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