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Glass wine cellars.

First class glass. Designed, crafted and delivered to your vision.

Glass wine cellars are one of the hottest trends in the wine cellar industry. Glass doors and walls provide a clean aesthetic that showcases the collection with timeless simplicity.

At first glance, a modern glass wine cellar seems simple and a great solution to enclosing a wine wall or wine room. The reality is that glass-enclosed wine cellars are complex and therefore require an experienced professional to design and install your glass-enclosed wine cellar, wall or room. 

Glass wine cellar centrepiece in residential home


Many wine lovers pursue their dreams of owning a wine cellar not only for the ability to showcase their collection but also to protect their wine investment in a climate-controlled environment. Fine wines require precise temperature and humidity control for optimal ageing and achieving the most robust tasting experience. This precision is multiplied when a cellar has a glass component as part of the wall configuration.

Frameless, single pane glass provides little to no insulation for keeping a wine cellar climate controlled. Heritage Vine offers many brands for our cooling such as Wine Guardian, Cellar Pro, LRC Coil, Copeland, and Whisper Kool, all specially designed to help maintain temperature despite the load that single pane glass places on the glass-enclosed wine room.

We have a team of professionals that are trained to calculate the precise BTUH load of each glass-enclosed space to ensure that the proper cooling unit is installed for each cellar.

Modern glass wine cellar behind bar
Modern built in glass wine cellar

Frameless glass. Timeless.

In the past, a traditional cellar generally had a solid door closing off space and making the entry a focal point. With a frameless glass wine room or wall, the goal is for the door and framework to disappear making your wine collection the focal point of your room.

Glass wine cellar divide in modern home

Glass wine room or wall interior showcase.

Showcasing a wine collection behind glass walls not only opens up your space in a timeless, classic way, but it also allows your cellar to become a piece of artwork in your home. We offer a variety of racking systems ranging from metal, acrylic and wood and including brands such as Vintage View, Millesime, Stact, and Cable Wine Systems.

Our team of custom wine cellar specialists at Heritage Vine will design a space that meets all of your technical needs and exceed your aesthetic expectations.

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