Custom glass wine cellar built at the Gainey Ranch Golf Club in Scottsdale, Arizona

Gainey Ranch Golf Club - custom wine cellar.

Well above par.

One of the latest wine cellar projects by Heritage Vine was completed at the beautiful Gainey Ranch Golf Club in Scottsdale, Arizona.  Heritage Vine worked in conjunction with Caruso Construction Inc. to create this custom wine storage that boasts unique features to create a transitional-style wine cellar for Gainey Ranch Golf Club.

The racking is by Millesime, a marriage of anodized aluminum and natural walnut. The floor-to-ceiling style racking showcases two options for wine bottle display:  a label view and an angled display which adds a layer of visual interest to the design.

Gainey Ranch Clubhouse 11

Visible. Desirable.

These custom wine cellars feature glass on both sides, which allows the wine to be visible from multiple areas of the clubhouse. The glass creates a visually appealing presence and allows full visibility of the entire collection.

Cooling for these wine cellars features a Wine Guardian self-contained package cooling system with a remote sensor to keep the cellars averaging a consistent temperature.

Gainey Ranch Clubhouse 04

These beautifully designed wine cellars boast a bottle capacity of around 500 bottles. The transitional style itself pulls in the warmth from the surrounding room by incorporating the natural walnut, and adds a touch of a modern feel to it by using the aluminum racking and glass fronts. Black pebbles were used in the flooring of the cellar to create a texturally interesting element.

Gainey Ranch Clubhouse 06

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