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We can design a wine cellar for homes based on one of these beautiful images, or we can work with you to create a truly custom piece based on your vision.

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Which wines age best.

If you’re growing a hobby or have become a wine enthusiast over the past few years, you'll be considering a wine cellar build. But first, let’s go back to the basics, and give you our guide on which wines age best if you’re starting out.

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How to store champagne.

With summer upon us, the champagne that’s been hiding in storage can soon be used to celebrated with. It’s easy to forget how to store champagne, what the correct temperature is and for how many days, months or years.

Home wine cellar

Build your home wine cellar with style.

There’s nothing like a home wine cellar that elegantly melds with the architecture of a living area. It is sure to be the talking point of any dinner party you host. Therefore, when you build your home wine cellar with style, there are considerations to make.

Wine cellar innovations

Wine cellar innovations.

Modern day wine cellar innovations allow you to be ahead, manage risk and take your investment to higher levels.

Wine cellar ideas for 2022

Commercial wine cellar builders.

Heritage Vine is made up of commercial wine cellar builders, who have honed their craft over generations.

Wine cellar wall

5 benefits of a wine cellar wall.

Building a wine cellar wall for your home, restaurant or country club could be a smarter move than a traditional cellar.

Wine cellar cooling unit

Do you need a wine cellar cooling unit?

Wine cellar cooling units are a must-have when you're maintaining a wine cellar. Get a better understanding of their purpose.

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Choosing wine storage.

If you’re a restauranteur, interior designer or wine collector, you may already know a thing or two about what to expect. However, if wine storage is new to you, use this as a resource to build to your knowledge on how to choose what’s best for you and your investment.

Wine trends for 2022

Wine trends for 2022.

We’re listing out the wine trends for 2022, and discussing our predictions for what you can expect to come out of this year.

Wine cellar ideas for 2022

Wine cellar ideas.

Building a wine cellar this year could be the best investment you make to protect your wine collection. Caring for your fine wine requires a thought-out design, sustainable build and preventative maintenance. Researching is your first step, then comes the inspiration. Therefore we’ve pulled together our best wine cellar ideas for 2022 to help you stimulate your own.

Heritage Vine residential custom wine cellar build made from stone

Building a residential wine cellar.

It’s important that you give consideration to your design before you build a residential wine cellar. This is because your wine collection requires protection if it has a chance of enduring for a very long time.


Best wine serving temperatures.

Serving wines at certain temperatures will affect the wine’s notes and overall consumptive experience. We’ve pulled together our guide to understanding the best wine serving temperatures to ensure you’re well-equipped to have the ultimate wine tasting experience.

Innovative Wine Cellar Designs

5 reasons to build a wine cellar with Heritage Vine.

The innovation and attention to detail that goes into each Heritage Vine wine cellar, is difficult to match. Whether it’s for commercial or personal use, by choosing Heritage Vine as your wine cellar builder, you’re investing in longevity.

Glass wine cellar build for Property Brothers in the USA

Wine cellar ideas for 2021.

If you're looking to build a wine cellar in 2021 and don’t know where to start, Heritage Vine can help you out. We’ve gathered four of our favorite wine cellar ideas for 2021 to help spark the inspiration you need.

What makes a good wine cellar?

What makes a good wine cellar?

A good question to ask while researching is ‘What makes a good wine cellar?’ This is because there is an assembly of components that all need to work together, in order for your investment to achieve its optimal value.

Custom Wine Cellar

The best ways to organize your wine cellar.

Organizing your wine cellar is a personal process. However, there are systems that wine enthusiasts have proven to prefer over time. Consider the following options when organizing your own wine arrangement.

Glass enclosed wine cellar displayed in a luxury home living area

Steps you should follow when designing a custom wine cellar.

Not only does a wine cellar represent the best way to keep your cherished wines protected, but also an attractive way to display your collection. Read on to learn more about the steps you should follow when designing a custom wine cellar.

Wine collection displayed in a traditional wine cellar

How to start a wine collection.

Starting a wine collection of your own can be an exciting endeavor, or it can be completely overwhelming if you’re not sure where to start or what to look for. Read our 5 tips for starting and maintaining a wine collection: easy to follow and will result in the start of a fantastic wine collection!

History of wine cellars

The history of wine cellars.

The love affair with wine goes back hundreds of years, as archaeologists have found evidence of winemaking that predates written records. The history of wine cellars is actually quite fascinating! Learn more here.

Wine walls one hottest trends home improvement

How long should you keep wine in your wine cellar.

Wines vary by fruit, acidity, and tannins, therefore there are general guidelines on how long to store your different wines. Therefore we're provided you with some general guidelines.

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How much does it cost to build a wine cellar?

Building a wine cellar includes a few things that influence the cost, for example the climate control, materials required, and custom features.

Residential wine wall

Why do wine cellars develop moisture and condensation issues?

To keep wines at their ideal temperature, custom wine cellars are typically built to include climate control functionality to keep temperature and humidity in balance. Yet there are times, when wine cellars still develop moisture issues. Why do wine cellars develop moisture and condensation issues, and how can you fix the problem?

Storing wine in hotter climates

6 tips for storing wine in hotter climates.

One of the biggest challenges faced by wine collectors is how to properly control the climate of your wine room. Below are 6 tips for wine rooms and how to keep your wine collection at its peak quality.

Climate controlled glass-enclosed wine wall in a residential home

Choosing the right climate control system for your wine cellar.

Since there are several options to choose from when it comes to wine room cooling systems, it’s important to understand the role a climate control system plays. Below are some helpful tips to ensure you’re choosing the right climate control system for your wine cellar.

Narrow traditional styled wine cellar full with wine bottles

What’s the best temperature to store my wines?

If you’re planning to consume your wine within six months of purchase, it is suggested that you store the wine at the ideal serving temperature, as illustrated below.

Mirabel club custom wine cellars

Wine cellar technology and its impact.

Wine cellar technology recent years provides smart and intuitive opportunities. The playing field for innovative wine cellar management has levelled up, meaning new technology provides accessibility to professional-level wine storage solutions. At the forefront of new wine cellar technologies are their ease-of-use and quality control.

Glass enclosed wine wall with metal racking

Smart thermostats for wine cellars: are they worth It?

The technology available for both commercial wine cellars and home wine rooms has improved dramatically over the years. Wine cellars can now have inventory software, ambient lighting, and many other options. One of the most popular items is smart thermostats for wine cellars. With so many options available, prices can vary significantly but the question is: are they worth it?

Modern wall wine cellar racking system in a residential home in Los Angeles

Transforming your small space with a modern wine cellar.

Modern wine cellars can be installed pretty much anywhere. Here are a few things to consider when it comes to transforming your small space into a modern wine cellar.

Wooden custom built sauna with glass doors in a luxury residential home

A homeowner’s guide to building a custom sauna.

More and more homeowners are now embracing the idea of having a custom sauna installed in their homes. Below are a few pointers to consider when building a custom sauna.

Commercial custom wine cellar in a luxury restaurant

Safeguard your bespoke wine cellar from the dangers of damp and mold.

Mold and damp can ruin the overall appeal of your custom wine cellar, and even impact the vintage wine bottles that you’ve got stashed in there. It’s vital that you take steps to combat damp and mold from growing in your bespoke wine cellar.

Traditional wine cellar built in a condominium

The challenges of installing a wine cellar in a condominium.

If you live in a condominium where space is limited, there are some considerations when building a cellar. We’ll discuss the challenges of installing a wine cellar in a condominium and the solutions available.

Wall art of a hairy man reflecting on a glass enclosed wall wine cellar

Why a vapor barrier is important for your wine cellar.

One of the most important aspects of any wine cellar is ensuring that the cellar remains at the proper temperature. One of the ways to control the climate in a wine cellar is by creating a vapor barrier. Learn why a vapor barrier is important for your wine cellar.

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Best wine blogs for 2021.

Whether you’re just starting to collect wine or you're a seasoned wine collector, there are a few resources to learn more about how to build an impressive wine cellar collection. Below are the best wine blogs for 2021.

Wine walls one hottest trends home improvement

Why wine walls are one of the hottest trends in home improvement.

As homeowners look for new and innovative ways to improve their home while adding convenience, wine walls are increasingly making it to the top of the to-do list.

Your Wine Drinking

Your wine: drinking vs. storage temperature.

To enjoy your wine collection at its finest, temperature matters. Learn more about wine drinking temperature vs. wine storage temperature.

Custom modern wine wall with glass enclosure

Wine walls vs. wine rooms: which is right for you?

There are so many fantastic options when it comes to custom wine storage in your home or restaurant, it’s sometimes hard to determine which is the best choice...

5 ideas for creating your dream wine cellar

5 ideas for creating your dream wine cellar.

Many homeowners have opted to design custom wine cellars that cater to their particular needs. Doing so ensures you’re left with a wine cellar that is everything you dreamed it would be and more.

Modern-wine-room-built- by-heritage-vine

5 things to consider before building a modern wine cellar.

When the time comes to have a custom wine cellar built in your home, there are several items to consider to make sure the cellar you get is the one that you’ll use and love for years to come.

Interior of a custom residential wine cellar

Building a wine cellar and doing it right.

Building a wine cellar doesn’t seem that complex at first thought. Hang some racking, find an air conditioner and be done, right? Building a cellar the correct way is an investment, not only for the cellar itself, but the cellar is often protecting a large investment in wine as well.

View through doorway in residential home to a glass enclosed wine cellar

Can light affect wine?

The short answer is yes, light can affect wine absolutely, and it will! So let’s discuss briefly why light can harm your wine.

Glass doors opening up to custom wine cellar

You can have a restaurant-style wine cellar in your home.

The ability to completely customize wine cellar design has made the option of having a restaurant-style wine cellar in your home a real possibility.

Built in traditional wine cellar in residential home

How to choose the perfect wine room for your home.

There's quite a few options for homeowners when it comes to choosing which leaves people asking about how to choose the perfect wine room for their home.

Metal wine rack mounted to wall in wine cellar

5 issues to consider before buying a custom wine rack.

In this article, we’ll provide a checklist of 5 issues to consider before buying a custom wine rack to insure your experience is ideal.

Custom wine room by heritage vine

How to choose the right features for your custom wine cellar.

With so many options to consider, review the following suggestions to learn more about how to choose the right features for your custom wine cellar.


Choosing the right kind of wood for your custom wine cellar.

One of the most exciting things about being able to build a custom wine cellar is the ability to design it to be just the way you want it.

Vernot traditional wooden wine cellar

How do VOCs impact wine?

One of the many materials factors to consider when having a wine cellar built are the presence of VOCs. How to VOCs impact wine and why should you care? Read on to learn more.

Wine cellars increase the value of your home

Yes, wine cellars increase the value of your home.

Filling your living area with a luxury wine room or cellar, is a strong way to add a point of difference to your home. We’ve highlighted a few reasons below as to why wine cellars increase the value of your home.

Old stone, luxury wine cellar built by Heritage Vine

A simple guide to wine bottle sizes.

Why are there different wine bottle sizes? what differentiates them? and is it important? If you’re in the ideas or planning stages of building a wine cellar, it is important to understand all of the different components.

Interior of a custom wine cellar

Wine cellar humidity and the importance of climate control.

Most wine collectors understand the importance of keeping an ideal temperature in a wine cellar.

Vernot traditional wooden wine cellar

How long you should store red wine: a collector’s guide.

For those who may hang on to their red wines for months if not years, the question is often asked, “How long should I store red wine for?” Read on to find out.

Why your home needs a wine room

Why your home needs a wine room.

If you are a serious wine collector, there may come a time when you are looking to move from a wine cooler or other wine storage option to building a wine room in your home.

Wine Cellar dual pane glass

What’s the difference between using single pane and dual pane glass.

There are a lot of items to take into consideration as you embark on having a custom wine cellar built in your home or restaurant. You may have a choice between using single pane glass or dual glass in your wine cellar. Which should you choose, and what’s the difference between using single pane and dual pane glass?

Close up of the wood detailing used in the joinery of a traditional wine cellar

Tips for storing wine in colder climates.

If you were to ask most wine collectors what their biggest concern is regarding wine storage temperatures, most would say they’re concerned with their collection stored in too warm a climate.

Worms eye view of traditional wine cellar

Luxury wine rooms: why your home needs one.

Many wine lovers are taking their favorite past time into an investment in their homes.

Wine Room Smart Upgrade

Wine rooms are a smart upgrade for homeowners.

When people think about upgrading their home, either for their own enjoyment or to make their home more attractive to sell, more are turning to wine rooms to add luxury and value.

Wine Collecting Guide

A wine collector’s guide to aging wine.

How to age wine, which wines improve with age, and how to age wine at home are a few of the many questions wine collectors ask about aging wine.

Wine Cellar Terms

Wine cellar terms.

As you work with a wine cellar design installation specialist, knowing a few key wine cellar terms used in the industry can make the project go smoothly.

5 must haves for your custom wine cellar

5 must-haves for your custom wine cellar.

From the general size and layout down to your chosen lighting and accessories, the wine cellar of your dreams will allow you to store and display your collection perfectly.

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Choosing the right wine cellar contractor.

If you’re a true devotee of fine wines, there’s a chance you’ve at least considered building a custom wine cellar in your home. If so, you need to know about choosing the right wine cellar contractor.

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Restaurant wine cellars: an effective way to boost your business.

Wine is growing in popularity these days, and many restaurants and retail establishments count on it to drive sales and add to their bottom line, hoping to bring in more people who enjoy drinking wine.

Wine Cellar Refrigeration Guidelines

Wine cellar refrigeration guidelines and tips.

If you’re considering building a custom wine cellar in your home, wine cellar refrigeration is an important component to consider.

Comparing tradtional and modern wine cellars

Comparing traditional and modern wine cellars.

Traditional and modern wine cellars vary in terms of their look, feel, price, and functionality. Read our comparative guide on the differences between traditional and modern wine cellars to help inform your final decision.

Custom glass enclose wine wall cellar installed in Eddie V's restaurant in San Diego

How wine displays drive more wine sales in restaurants.

Wine displays in restaurants are quickly becoming more than an aesthetically pleasing element of a restaurant as more and more restaurant owners are learning just how much impact an impressive wine display can have on overall wine sales.

Wine cellar wall sectioned by timber

How to store wine at high altitude.

Wine lovers live all over the world, from low-lying deserts to high up in the mountains, and everywhere in between. One of the challenges of living a mountain area or other high altitude area home is the question of storing wine.

Traditional styled glass enclosed wine wall in residential home

How long does It take to build a wine cellar?

One of the most frequently asked questions is, “How long will it take to build my wine room?” We review the factors involved in building a custom home wine cellar and how long you should expect it to take from concept to reality.

Person pouring red wine into wine class from decanter

Wine etiquette: serving friends and family.

While the most important thing to remember when sharing wine with others is to relax and enjoy the company, here are a few tips that can make the experience a little easier.

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How small restaurants can have stunning wine displays.

There are now ways small restaurants can have stunning wine displays as well with some of today’s newest innovations.

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