Wine Room Smart Upgrade
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  • Wine rooms are a smart upgrade for homeowners.

Wine rooms increase home value.

According to, a wine room can indeed increase your home’s value. Many discerning home buyers are looking for luxury upgrades, and wine rooms fit the bill perfectly. Wine rooms come in all shapes and sizes, from smaller wine wall collections to being the centerpiece of a room. These kind of upgrades at an intrinsic value to those searching for unique upgrades, and can set your home apart from others on the market.

Wine rooms allow homeowners a chance to showcase their creativity.

Gone are the days of a small, unused bedroom or basement being converted into a space to store wine. Nowadays, professional wine cellar designers can take any existing room in a home, or they can create a new space, and make it into a wine room. Many homeowners are leveraging unused walls, areas below staircases, or even walls dividing rooms, and are creating breathtaking wine displays that are as unique as the homeowner.

While leveraging dividing walls used to be a design only restaurants enjoyed, interior designers and architects are now working with custom wine cellar professionals to create this same look in homes.

Wine rooms add convenience.

Homeowners are looking for convenience as well as style in their homes. By adding a wine room, wine collectors now have the ability to build an impressive wine collection and have this wine available to them at a moment’s notice. This is especially ideal for those who entertain, and enjoy having a wine room that serves as a place for friends and family to gather and admire their collection. Many of these designs allow for seating and entertaining within the wine room itself, adding another level of luxury.

Wine rooms protect a homeowner’s wine collection investment.

Serious wine collectors are always interested in how to keep a wine collection safe. Wine rooms can be designed with security systems to keep wine collections safe and protect from theft. The technology designed specifically for wine cellars is impressive, with many options to fit your needs. Also, because they’re designed specifically for wine storage, wine rooms will protect the quality of the wine bottles by protecting them from heat, humidity or sunlight. Many custom wine rooms are built with climate control options that allow you to store your wines at an ideal temperature.

While most homeowners build wine rooms for the beauty and luxury of having a collection in their home, there are many reasons why wine rooms are a smart upgrade for homeowners. If you’re looking to have a custom wine room built in your home, be sure to reach out to a custom wine room professional to have one designed best suited for your home.

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