5 ideas for creating your dream wine cellar
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  • 5 ideas for creating your dream wine cellar.

Create the ideal environment.

First and foremost, your wine cellar needs to be a controlled environment that preserves your wine for as long as possible. The temperature and humidity in your wine cellar are both important factors in climate control when it comes to maintaining the integrity of your wine. The temperature should be somewhere between 55°-58°F, while the humidity should fall between 50-70%. Before you can think about the stylistic elements of your wine cellar, a proper environment needs to be created.

modern custom wine wall in a luxury apartment


How you plan on using your wine cellar will largely dictate how you design it. If it’ll only be used for storing purposes, then your focus should be on having sufficient storage space for your wine collection. However, many homeowners like to include a tasting room in their wine cellar that is fit to host friends and family members. This will require additional space, as a tasting room should be equipped with a table, chairs, and light fixtures.

Other wine cellar owners prefer to utilize the space to showcase their wine as well as storage other spirits. Depending on how you envision the functionality of your wine room, work with a wine cellar design specialist to get the exact functionality you want.

cable wine system custom wine cellar

Flooring and wall materials.

While you may have ideas about what kind of materials you wish to use for your dream wine cellar floors and walls, remember that your top priority is maintaining a controlled environment for your wine. Wood is the most commonly used material in wine cellars, as there is a variety of wood types that offer a distinct, elegant look. It’s also a great wall and floor material for wine cellars because it can withstand high humidity levels without being damaged. 

modern glass wine walls

Keep colors in mind.

Whether you want to create a traditional or modern look, be sure to consider the color palette you’ll use for your wine cellar. A classic wine cellar will likely feature exotic woods such as mahogany, walnut or white oak, as this evokes a luxurious, elegant feel. However, don’t be afraid to use bold colors to liven up your wine cellar. While wood may be the primary material used, you can incorporate vibrant colors through your wine cellar.

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Express your style.

Ultimately, you want to create a dream wine cellar that you’ll love spending time in. Your custom wine cellar should be indicative of your personal style. Whether you want to keep it simple and design a classic wooden wine cellar or have ideas about adding some flair to the space, just be sure that the aesthetic you create is sure to please you.

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