Custom modern wine wall with glass enclosure
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  • Wine walls vs. wine rooms: which is right for you?

What kind of space are you looking store wine in?

The reason most people go with a wine cellar professional versus simply buying a kit is that working with a professional wine room designer allows you to create the exact kind of wine storage you need for your situation.

Take a moment to look at the space you want to use for wine storage: is space not an issue, or are there limitations? Don’t just look at the breadth and depth of the space, look at floor space too. If space is no issue, including floor space, then you have the option of either building a wine room or a wine wall.

However, if space is at a premium, especially floor space, a glass enclosed wine wall might be the ideal solution. Wine walls can offer just as much wine bottle capacity as a wine room, but for homes and restaurants with limited floor space, a wine wall offers the dramatic characteristic of going up, creating a beautifully stunning way to store and display wine while being very functional.

Are you looking for your wine storage to be a focal point of the room?

Both elaborate wine racks and wine rooms are fast becoming much more than simply a place to store wine. They now serve as a focal point of a home, restaurant or lounge, where beautiful wines are on display, showcased with seamless glass fronts and decorative lighting to give off just the right ambiance.

For some, that may be actually making the wine storage an area for people to congregate, including chairs, barstools, lighting, etc. If you’re looking for something that will not only store your wine collection, but create a completely separate sitting or gathering area, then a wine room or wine cellar is the obvious choice.

Are your tastes more modern or traditional when it comes to wine storage options?

There are essentially three kinds of wine cellar or wine room styles: traditional wine cellars, modern wine cellars, and what people call “transitional”, which is essentially a blend of both. In general, wine walls tend to be more modern, sleek and chic in nature, using seamless glass fronts or completely enclosed in glass, stainless steel or other metals, and very little wood.

The effect is stunning, modern, with clean lines and lots of light shining through, which makes them ideal either as a backdrop to a home or restaurant bar area, or even as a standalone divider wall. It’s a very stunning effect that has become quite popular and on trend. However, there are many people who seek the dark richness of a more traditional look, one utilizing more woods and darker, warmer, more traditional materials; a look that also can be very luxurious. However, a more traditional feel doesn’t lend itself as well to a wine wall design because of its more traditional feel.

So if your desired look is more traditional in nature, a traditional wine room would be your better choice.

Are you looking for the ability to climate control your wine collection?

The misnomer by many is that you can’t climate control a wine wall. Unfortunately, that misconception likely came from people who installed pre-made wine racks and then attempted to cool them efficiently.

It might be fairly easy to install a wine rack, but do create a custom wine wall with seamless glass that will effectively utilize wine storage climate control systems is something different. Either a glass enclosed wine racking system or a wine room can be climate controlled, but do yourself a favor and leave it to a professional to create these for you.

The choice is yours; if you can dream it, it can be built!

The many options of custom wine rooms and custom wine walls allows homeowners and business owners alike to choose whatever their needs and styles demand. Both offer nearly unlimited capacity, the ability to control the climate within the storage area, and customize with lighting and accessories to your tastes. Take your time to look at images of wine walls vs. wine room images to see which you can envision in your space.

Start your custom wine cellar project today.