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Heritage Vine custom wine cellar wooden

Recreating the environmental conditions.

Building a residential wine cellar doesn’t mean placing wine bottles on racks in a room and calling it a day.

Instead you need to recreate the perfect environment for the wine to age as the winemaker intended it to. This can look different for each and everyone’s collection.

To achieve the environment your own wine requires, the cellar must be insulated with the correct materials. Considering humidity, temperature, cooling, airflow and glazing.

Building your wine cellar properly at the beginning will better prepare you in the long-term, if you were to get parts as you go.

Heritage Vine residential custom wine cellar made from glass

Research is key.

Depending on where in the world you’re located, what temperatures your region goes up and down to, can be critical information for your residential wine cellar build.

Many people often read about underground wine cellars as being the ‘thing to do’, and don’t consider their home’s landscape or the climate they live in.

If you live somewhere like California, the heat waves might not be great for keeping your wine collection cool in an underground cellar - as it could exhaust some of the devices and overwork them throughout the year.

However have a chat with our Professionals, because with our background, knowledge and expertise, we can help guide you on this.

Heritage Vine residential custom wine cellar made from wood

Design or functionality.

This age-old question is a hot topic when it comes to building a residential wine cellar, due to them both playing important roles in the enjoyment and experience you have.

It pays to have a good think about how you’d like your cellar to look in your space, as well as how you will use it.

Step inside the space you have, visualize it in front of you, consider your rituals and routines, and think about anything else you might enjoy.

Another question you can ask yourself is whether you want to maximize space or display your bottles more, this can make the design stage easier for both you and the builder.

Heritage Vine residential custom wine cellar made from wood

Technology and energy.

Something you might not think about first, is your residential wine cellar’s technology and energy usage.

Firstly, utilize some of the technology made available for wine storage such as; using apps to manage your collection, protecting your wine through tracking, and pouring wine without removing the cork.

Secondly, running a wine cellar will use a fair bit of energy consumption. You can manage your wine whilst minimizing energy expenditure, through smart cooling units and energy efficient lighting.

Heritage Vine residential custom wine cellar in home made from glass

The process reaps rewards.

Engaging in a residential wine cellar build is a logistical and well-thought-out process, requiring experts and specialists in their field, hence why our talented team continues to deliver successful projects.

First things foremost, get in contact with us and we’ll help guide you by recognizing what your greatest options are.

Protect your portfolio and contact the Heritage Vine Sales team today.

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