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Red wine temperature storage.

Red wine temperature depends on some factors such as how much fruit, alcohol, or tannin the wine has.

According to Wine Guardian:

  • Sweet Sparkling Wine – 39-43°F
  • Eiswein - 42-44°F
  • Crémant, non-vintage Classic Rosé - 42-45°F
  • Muscat New World - 43-46°F
  • Beaujolais - 48-52°F
  • Tawny Port (chilled) - 50-54°F
  • Côtes du Rhône - 53-56°F
  • Chianti, Sangiovese, Barbera - 56-58°F
  • Young Bordeaux, Young Cab - 58-61°F
  • Merlot, Light Zinfandel - 58-62°F
  • Tawny Port - 59-62°F
  • Red Burgundy Pinot Noir Chianti Riserva Barolo Merlot (oak-aged) - 61-63°F
  • Grand Cru Bordeaux, Mature California Cab, Mature Rhone, Zinfandel, Vintage Port - 61-64°F
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White wine temperature storage.

Though white wine should typically be served cooler than red wine, it doesn’t need to be stored this way, as it’ll affect the aromas.

According to Wine Guardian:

  • Sweet Sparkling Wine – 39-43°F
  • Eiswein, Sweet Vouvray - 42-44°F
  • Crémant, non-vintage Classic Rosé, White Zinfandel - 42-45°F
  • Vintage Sparkling wine, Muscat New World, Riesling Gewürztraminer, Loire Valley Whites (Sancerre), Sauvignon Blanc, Alsace Riesling, Italian Whites - 43-46°F
  • Nouveau French Chablis, Chardonnay, White Burgundy, Viognier, Condrieu - 48-52°F
  • Full-Bodied Chardonnay - 50-54°F
  • Côtes du Rhône - 53-56°F
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Temperature consistency.

Be consistent when it comes to wine storage. Wine rooms that fluctuate in temperature can really impact wine.

Any temperature above 70 degrees will age the wine more rapidly, which can negatively change the taste of the wine. Any temperature too cold can also dry out the cork.

Wine experts such as Wine Spectator, deem consistency as one of the seven basic principles for wine storage.

It’s also important to consider the lighting, ventilation, and movement of the bottles, as these changes can impact your wine.

Best temp to store wines

Temperature subjectivity.

Wine is just as much about personal preference, as it is about science and chemistry. Therefore, if you ask different wine collectors what temperature they store their wine at, the answers may vary.

Individual taste can be very subjective, this is because some people enjoy wine more aged to enjoy secondary flavors, while others prefer a younger, cleaner wine.

As mentioned above, there is a difference between storage temperature and drinking temperature, so make sure you’re doing your research into your own wines first.

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