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Managing your wine with apps.

Manage your wine cellar technology by utilizing apps to help track your inventory precisely. There are new opportunities to keep digital copies of your collection, including; year, style and winemaker, making it easier for your peace-of-mind.

Different apps offer different functions, therefore do your research first before committing to one that requires you to do more than what you bargained for.

Tracking your inventory can be done via CellarTracker, which is an app that’s designed to record your wine collection, recognize labels, scan barcodes and manage consumption history. Wine cellar management has eliminated the need for manual logging, and is worth looking further into.

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Protecting your wine with tracking systems.

Protecting your wine is important for obvious reasons, and modern-day technology is great in catering to those needs.

New security technology uses sensors which track light, humidity, power outages and open doors. Signals like this prove crucial in managing a wine cellar collection.

The Elertus Wine Protection System protects your collection from environmental threats via their smart phone app. Their wine cellar technology provides the availability for you to modify your settings from any location digitally, giving you the assurance you need.


Pouring wine without removing the cork.

Wine cellar technology is stretching to the field of bottle openers. Preservation and storage has never been this smart, as new technology now has the ability to pour wine without removing the cork.

As a collector, you can have the freedom to pour the wine you want and save the rest of the bottle for months, even years.

Coravin preserves wine through their needles, which gently pass through corks without displacing it, expanding it back to its normal shape. The wine is extracted through the needle and replaced with pure Argon gas, making sure no oxygen gets to the remaining wine.

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Finding new wines.

Seeking new wine recommendations is becoming quicker. Wine cellar technology now helps you find new wine through keyword searches, type of occasion, food pairing and taste profiles.

Apps such as VinoCell, balance your preferences using a large database, suggesting wines that match your entries.

Other apps allow you to thoroughly drill down to the reason you’re drinking a new wine, for example gifting a friend, or you’re having a date night. Overall, new wine cellar technology is designed to match people, occasions and moments with wine, synchronously.

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Cooling your wine.

Having a high-quality cooling unit in amongst your wine cellar technology, is important. Wine room refrigerators maintain your wine in cooler temperatures, allowing them to mature and age better.

Finding a wine cellar cooler that fits your needs requires some online research, as there are various types available including both ducted and through-the-wall. Learn about the pros and cons of wine cellar cooling technology on WineEnthusiast, as they provide expert consultants who can guide you through the brands.

Find what fits your cellar’s needs and ensure you’re your wine has longevity for the years to come.

Start your custom wine cellar project today.