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  • The best ways to organize your wine cellar.

1. By varietal.

A safe and secure approach to organizing your wine collection, is to set them up by varietal. Grouping your wine by differentiating the Chardonnays from the Gewürztraminers, especially if you have a larger collection, is a good solid option. This is due to most wines being clearly marked on their front labels, which makes it easier for the organizer and you as the consumer. 

Close up of wine displayed in traditional wine cellar

2. By region.

Organizing your wine cellar by region, will uncover the countries or provinces you have unknowingly curated most of your selection from. Incorporating this process could also prompt more exploration into the regions where you have less, giving reason to travel abroad and discover new varieties around the world.

3. By age.

As a Wine Collector, you’ve probably opened an older library wine by accident. To avoid this from happening, organize your wine cellar by age and organize the dinner or weekend choices in an easier place to reach, while the old wines sit further out of reach. Jane from suggests to arrange your wine from oldest (close to the ground) to youngest (higher off the ground), can make a difference in terms of keeping old wines cooler. 

Wine organised in modern wine cellar

4. By occasion.

Buying your wine with an occasion already in-mind is pretty common. Organize your wine collection in alignment with whether you’re going to open them in the coming months for dinner parties, or save them for gifts later down the track. A good idea is to have a separate shelf for your chosen ‘special occasion’ wines, so you know you’ll bring out for birthdays or anniversaries.

5. By price.

If you’re collecting your wine in multiple quantities, organize your wine cellar by price as this proves useful in terms of ageing. It is common knowledge that more expensive wines are expected to age well in comparison to those on the cheaper side. Therefore, being aware of where the ready-to-drink collection is, and where the library wines are hiding, ensures easier handling for you.

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