Restaurant custom wine cellar by Heritage Vine
Wine rooms

Wine rooms.

Wine rooms are making a comeback this year with entertaining being more on the horizon.

Hosting your friends, colleagues or clients around at your house calls for a space that’s accessible and sustainable to spend long periods of time in.

Transcending from the early 1600s, where underground Roman caves were used for storage by French champagne makers, wine rooms are a great use of space for entertaining in your home.

The functionality of wine rooms and the experience of your guests, requires excellent climate control, furniture, lighting and overall ambiance.

Modern wine cellars

Modern wine cellars.

Our wine cellar ideas forecast the design to be at the center of everything this year.

Modern wine cellars have the ability to push the boundaries of architecture, and showcase cutting-edge designs from some of the most well-recognized creators in the world.

Craft a new centerpiece into your home and watch as your guests admire it with awe. There’s also more space to explore different kinds of artistry and technique with modern wine cellars.

Your vision and imagination can truly go in any direction, while still remaining timeless.

Commercial wine cellars

Commercial wine cellars.

To operate commercially with a wine collection, you need a retail wine cellar that melds style with functionality.

Whether it’s for your restaurant, wine store or country club, the demand for accessible storage is high and would be resolved with a commercial wine cellar’s capabilities.

Showcasing your wine collection is important for business, therefore designing an elegant solution that helps increase your sales, is a win-win outcome.

Best in industry

Work with the best in the industry.

At Heritage Vine, in order to lead our industry and sustain the solid reputation we’ve worked hard to build, our team works with the best suppliers and partners on offer.

Sourcing materials like brick, natural stone, tile and wood floors, barrelled ceilings, stone columns and rolling ladders.

As a Heritage Vine client, you’re in the hands of specialists and experts who know how to deliver the finest wine cellars in the industry.

Start your custom wine cellar project today.