Residential traditional styled wine room in a dining area
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  • How much does it cost to build a wine cellar?

Climate control.

With ideal wine storage temperature in mind, climate control is a significant consideration for both functionality and cost. There are essentially three types of systems: through the wall systems, package systems, and split systems. Our experts at Heritage Vine will determine the best cooling system for your wine cellar. Our goal at Heritage Vine is to provide a cooling system that meets performance expectations while not affecting the overall aesthetics of your design. Depending on your climate control needs, each option has a different impact in your overall cellar budget.


Are you envisioning a more modern design, minimalist look of clean lines, seamless glass, and stainless steel? Or perhaps your dream wine cellar is a more traditional, classic look, where wood, brick, and natural stone are used. Materials for a wine cellar are almost endless and should be considered when pricing out a wine cellar project.

While some build cellars just for storage, many homeowners, restaurant owners, and custom home builders alike envision a wine room or wine cellar as an aesthetic addition to their home or place of business.

Custom features.

Many wine collectors want to create an environment within their cellar, adding items such as artwork, sculpture, and other decorative pieces. Still, others envision a small bar or decanting counter area. The door itself may be of consideration: a simple door, a wrought iron and glass door? Perhaps ornately carved wood? Flooring has limitless options as well. From engineered hardwoods to recycled wine barrels, to tile mosaics . . . the sky is truly the limit to create the space of your dreams.

There are so many options to create a one of a kind space that will wow your guests as well as protect your investment. Now that the cost isn’t a mystery, contact our team to design a custom wine cellar that’s as unique and impressive as your collection.

What would you like to create?

Let’s talk about your vision. Traditional or modern; cellar, room or wall - together, we will create a custom wine cellar that reflects your taste, and your heritage.