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  • How much does it cost to build a wine cellar?
modern wine room in luxury home

Consider climate control.

Climate control is a significant consideration to have for your cellar’s functionality and cost. There are three types of climate control systems; through the wall, package and split systems. 

The Heritage Vine team are highly knowledgeable in this field, and can help determine the best cooling system for your wine cellar.

Depending on your climate control needs, each system will impact your wine and its temperature differently, therefore considering it as part of your build is important.

Wooden wine cellar | What makes a good wine cellar?


The material of your wine cellar build comes into the equation greatly. Materials selected depend on whether you want to achieved a traditional or modern wine cellar aesthetic.

As we build wine cellars custom, your vision needs to be met with a material that will best achieve this.

Examples you could build your cellar with are; glass, steel, wood, brick, or natural stone.

Materials selected hinge on the style of the space that already lies there, such as an old, remote cottage-style villa, versus a modern Upper Manhattan, sophisticated restaurant. These would probably be built with different materials.

Or if the cellar is just going to be used for storage, you might not be as worried with the material.


Custom features.

Almost everything’s customizable when you’re building a wine cellar.

Creating an environment within a wine cellar is important. Featuring the likes of lighting, artwork, sculptures or other decorative pieces, will help make your space feel more personal.

Other ideas we’ve seen are small bars and decanter counters built into the cellar. The entrance door is another good element to consider, do you envision a glass door? Or one ornately carved of wood? 

Building a wine cellar.

In summary, it really depends on how you want to build your wine cellar.

For example; what do you want your climate control to achieve? which materials do you want to use and custom features you want to add on?

The design, craft and install process will deliver a better result if your plan is thorough. Come to the Heritage Vine team with your concept and we can make your vision come to life.

Start your custom wine cellar project today.