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  • A definitive guide to wine bottle sizes.

Why are there so many different sizes of wine bottles?

People have different theories as to why there are different sizes of wine bottles. Some say it is to cater to those who believe that different sizes of wine bottles are named after biblical kings and historical figures, and lends an air of importance to the wine itself.

Others like the idea of being able to buy wine in different quantities in a single bottle; either a split for those wanting less, or a magnum for those wanting much more in a single bottle.

Part of the reasoning is that once a bottle of wine is opened, it needs to be consumed in one sitting; splits lends to those consuming less, and a magnum may help for those who are sharing a bottle with several people.

What are the different wine bottle sizes?

For those who never knew more than two different wine bottle sizes existed, what their names are, and what the capacity is for each size, below is great info provided by Go Taste Wine of a wine bottle sizes chart:

Wine Bottle Sizes

Why does a collector need to understand wine bottle sizes?

There are a few reasons why a collector should understand bottle sizes. The first of course is wine bottle capacity. Many people, collectors and casual wine drinkers alike, want to consume their wine in one sitting rather than re-cork the bottle to finish the rest later. If you fall into that camp, it would benefit you to know how big of a bottle you’ll need for one, two or 8 people to finish off a single bottle. Of course, for most people, a larger amount of people just means opening up a new bottle!

More importantly, understanding different wine bottles can greatly impact how you can store you wine in your wine room. Whether you’re looking to stock wines in your own wine cellar in your home, or are looking to offer different sizes of wine bottles as a restaurant owner, understanding different sizes of wine bottles will insure your wine cellar has the capacity you need to store not only the number of bottles you’re hoping to store, but to accommodate varying bottle sizes. 

If you are in the process of designing a custom wine cellar for your home, restaurant or wine store, it’s best to work with someone who understands the long-term goal of your wine cellar, can gather ideas and evaluate site conditions in order to design and build a wine cellar with your tastes and ideas in mind.

Wine collecting can be exciting and fulfilling. Understanding the varying sizes of wine bottles can enhance your collecting efforts and keep your collecting experience positive and satisfying.

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