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Wine Spectator.

Wine Spectator provides wine ratings, tasting reports, news and features, editors’ blogs, videos and other wine-related content. They cover the world of wine from the vineyard to the table and provide expert reviews of more than 15,000 wines each year, along with tips on how to enjoy them—from storing and serving to food pairing to wine-country travel.

Wine Spectator posts about 8 new posts a week, so if you’re an avid wine reader, you won’t be disappointed or come up short on new information to absorb. This is a great overall blog since the content provided is helpful for the beginner wine drinker as well as those interested in the finer nuances of wine collecting.

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Decanter is more than just a wine blog, it provides educational pieces about varietals, regions of wine and plenty of reviews to read. From the best everyday wines, to professional panel tastings, you’ve got everything you need if you’re choosing to research before you buy.

You’ll escape and be transported somewhere magical when you read Decanter’s travel section, as it accentuates some of the world’s hidden treasures, highlights and must-do’s. You can also find out more about local bars and restaurants in your area. If you want to brush up your wine varietal knowledge, you have the opportunity to find out how much you really know in their quiz feature.

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Wine Folly.

Wine Folly is great for learning about wine itself. It publishes articles for both those just getting into wine collecting, and for those already well-versed. They also share great articles about how to cellar wine, what to look for when building a custom wine cellar, and locations to travel to pick up some unique wines to enjoy now or years from now. They offer offer a variety of books, videos and online courses to enhance your knowledge of wine.

What’s unique about this blog is that they share information in a helpful formats, such as infographics to more in-depth downloadable guides. There really is something for everybody in this blog, and it’s worth checking out.

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Wine Investment Blog.

Perhaps not the most creative name for a blog, but as a reader you know exactly what kind of information you’re going to get from this. The Wine Investment Blog targets readers that are interested in investing in wine as part of a robust wine collection. They provide timely, candid information about both buying and selling wines, targeting collectors from all over the world.

If you are serious about investing in good wines, this blog is a great resource to give valuable insight on what to look for, what to invest, and reasonable prices for different vintages. While it tends to focus a bit more on international wine collecting, the information, tips and insights are valuable for anyone serious about collecting wine.

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This blog started out as a quirky outlet for personal wine opinions and insights. However, it has now grown into a respected resource for wine, and is one of the most influential wine blogs found online. The blog features wine and sake reviews, restaurant reviews, editorials, book reviews, wine news, and wine event coverage, and boasts a global readership.

Vinography tends to be a bit out of the mainstream regarding writing style and opinions, which makes it a valuable complement to other blogs you may be reading to get balanced insights on the wine industry as a whole. Be sure to check out their “wine reviews” section, which offers tips on selecting a wine based on price, style, or vintage. It even provides tips on wines not to buy. 

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Like a cool friend, VinePair acts as your go-to if you want to follow wine trends and ‘booze news’ as they call it. They offer more than you bargained for, providing advice on the best wines for different occasions, hosting virtual events and humorous articles about wine drinking around the world.

The holidays, birthdays, and celebrations are some of the many occasions VinePair find you the perfect wine for. Filled with fun imagery and graphics, we love reading their recipes and worldly advice on all things wine, booze and food.

While there are many more wine blogs available than just the ones listed above, these are the best wine blogs for 2021 to get a diverse and robust cross-cut of information about wines.

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