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  • You can have a restaurant-style wine cellar in your home.

Your wine cellar doesn’t have to be limited to your basement anymore.

While basements are a great area to renovate into a wine cellar, many homeowners are following the trends of restaurants, making their wine rooms the centerpiece of their home; specifically the move toward glass-encased, well-lit wine rooms.

As restaurants and country clubs have been doing for years, homeowners are now interested in making their wine rooms a statement piece in their home, and they’re looking to have designs that blend well with their existing home while elevating the décor overall.

Rooms that are ideal to renovate into a wine room include small rooms off dining areas, atriums, non-load bearing room divider walls where the collection can be seen from several rooms, or even spaces under stairwells or at one end of a great room.

Custom wine cellar specialists know how to design, build and install wine cellars to fit any room.

Glass wine cellar centrepiece in residential home

Walls as wine rooms.

Restaurants long ago learned the value of space. While most want to provide an elegant or unique setting for their patrons, most are careful at what cost those renovations come when it relates to seating, as seating capacity contributes to the bottom line.

Though not the same concern for homeowners, people who are seeking unique wine storage in their own home are starting to see the benefit of using walls as wine rooms.

Instead of dedicating an entire room to become a wine cellar, homeowners are now replacing solid walls with glass enclosed ones, and turning those walls into wine storage.

The impact is stunning and unique, with little lost space in the process. These walls are typically off the dining area or living area for ultimate impact.

Custom wine cellar in luxury living room

Wine rooms with many functions.

Country clubs, wine bars and other installations of commercial wine cellars often turn their wine room into a place for patrons to congregate.

Homeowners are starting to embrace this trend as well, utilizing storage in their wine rooms for features such as humidors, glass storage, or storing other liquor bottles.

Many are getting creative with seating too, using recycled wine barrels for chairs or stools, or using them for tables.

It’s become the new entertainment room for many stylish homeowners, complete with music, lighting, elegant chandeliers and climate controlled environments.

Traditional wooden custom wine cellar surrounded by glass enclosure

Professional level wine storage management.

In addition to coveting the look and feel of restaurant wine cellars, homeowners now demand the ability to manage their wine collections like restaurants do.

Wine cellar technology includes wine cellar management apps to manage their collection and the ability to control the climate through devices. 

True ability to customize the style of a wine room.

Wine cellar styles range from traditional to transitional to modern. Some homeowners are looking for wine rooms that seamlessly blend with their existing décor while others take the opportunity of a wine room installation to add some edge to their current home’s style.

Like many restaurants, who make a wine collection centerpiece work of art, homeowners understand that they too can customize wine room to their exact tastes, not only in capacity and functionality, but style as well.

Now that ‘restaurant-style” wine cellars are available to homeowners, expect to see a trend towards more showcase pieces in homes as options continue to open up.

Start your custom wine cellar project today.