Custom wine cellar designed by Heritage Vine
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Custom wine cellars.

The custom wine cellar utilizes the very best innovation and technology to maintain your wine, and they’re primarily built for collectors of wine in large quantities or high value.

When you’re storing wine for as long as ten years, there is a lot you need to take into account in order for it age well.

This includes temperature cooling units, climate control, customized racks, and overall functionality.

For this level of intricacy, customization and quality control for wine storage, contact Heritage Vine Specialists to find out more information.

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Wine walls.

Wine walls are for the functionalists or the businesses who require wine storage in the form of practicality.

Someone who needs to be able to see the labels clearly, read the information and be able to source the wine in an easy manner.

Saying that, you can in fact design and build wine wall for displaying and as more of a showcasing feature in your home.

These are perfectly useful to store your wine to the same high quality as a custom wine cellar, and maintain the ageing process just as well.


Consider your wine collection.

Wine shapes and sizes will vary in everybody’s collection, therefore it’s important you consider your own varieties before choosing wine storage.

Your bottles will be unique to you, and because of that, you will have all sorts of tall, short, skinny, and weighted bottles.

Some of these varietals require flat surfaces to lie down, and some need to stand tall. If you can, observe what you have to better determine the design of your wine storage.

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Design, craft, deliver.

Good wine storage relies on three key things: the design, craft and delivery of it. Engaging in the process of design is important, as this is the stage where all logistical decisions are made.

Next comes the craft of your wine storage; where your room, wall, or cellar is built. The assembly of your materials is important for the cohesiveness of your design. Lastly, comes the delivery. To protect your wine storage the delivery has to be clean and not interrupt your day-to-day schedule.

Thankfully, when you work with Heritage Vine, we pride ourselves on how well we design, craft and deliver your wine storage. It’s what we’re known for.

Start your custom wine cellar project today.