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Where will the wine room be located?

Many homeowners now want their wine rooms to be the centerpiece of their home, while others prefer a more traditional solution of having a wine cellar in a basement or otherwise more out of sight.

Depending upon the options available to the homeowner, the location will go quite a ways to determine how the overall look, feel, capacity and functionality of the wine room will turn out.

Those with more limited space may opt to convert an existing room or large closet, which can impact the capacity and style options of the cellar.

Others may convert a garage, basement, atrium or mother-in-law suite, which could offer more options.

Determine where your wine cellar will be located so you can carefully consider all options available for the space provided.

modern wine room in luxury home

What style are you looking to achieve?

Wine cellar designs essentially fall into three categories: traditional wine rooms, modern wine rooms, and transitional wine rooms.

Consider the surrounding décor of your home and determine how best one style of wine room will integrate with the rest of the home.

Some homeowners look for styles that integrate seamlessly with the décor of the home while others look for a standout design to make a statement. Consider the effect you desire as you choose the style of wine cellars or wine room.

Traditional wine cellar designed and built by Heritage Vine

Capacity and types of bottles to be stored.

When considering wine storage capacity, consider how many bottles you’re looking to store, wine bottle size, and reds versus white wines.

All of these considerations will impact the overall design of the wine cellar. Be sure to consider this carefully so that you don’t end up with a wine room woefully short on storage space.

Close up of the wood detailing used in the joinery of a traditional wine cellar

Climate control for your wine.

Are you looking to keep all your bottles at a similar temperature, and chill those to serving temperature as needed? Or do you prefer to be able to grab a bottle from your wine room at the ideal temperature?

The difference is the climate control of the wine cellar. There are many options for wine cellar climate control so be sure to discuss with your wine cellar designer what you’re looking for in your wine storage needs so that they can recommend the climate control unit to best suit your needs.

cable wine system custom wine cellar

Just storage or a space to entertain?

A big trend in wine rooms is that they are no longer just for wine! Modern wine cellars now store wine, cigars, provide seating and an overall place to entertain or relax.

Are you looking for your wine room to just store wine, or are you looking for it to be a place to gather? Today’s options offer choices that are virtually unlimited to create the wine cellar of your dreams, so consider what you want the space to be in your dream wine room.

Cigar draw in wine cellar

The options available to homeowners today allow people the ability to create the perfect wine cellar for their needs. Work with a wine cellar professional to build the cellar right for you.

Start your custom wine cellar project today.