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  • How small restaurants can have stunning wine displays.

Wine rooms are not one size fits all.

Wine displays for commercial use are no longer one-size-fits all. For establishments looking to leverage small or unusual spaces in their restaurant for their wine storage, there are professional wine room specialists that can create any size wine room, any style, and with any capacity.

Whether the design is traditional, modern, or somewhere in between, custom wine cellar installation can be delivered to any type of commercial establishment looking to display wines onsite.

Wine walls are the newest solution to smaller spaces.

Wine walls are rapidly increasing in popularity, not only for homeowners looking to have their own custom wine display, but for restaurants, country clubs, and bars who seek stunning wine display options while having limited space to leverage.

Wine walls offer the ability to store the same wine bottle capacity as a wine room or wine cellar, without having to give up valuable space. This newer wine storage option is one of the latest trends in restaurant design, offering the convenience of wine storage on virtually any wall.

These modern, elegant wine wall displays are in high demand in restaurants and lounges alike, where visually appealing wine displays are a must to generate wine sales among clientele. These displays have become a signature design element for dining establishments nationwide, becoming part of the interior architecture, and adding to the overall culinary experience.

Wine walls don’t mean less storage.

One of the most misunderstood characteristics of wine walls are the fact that they store less –not true! Wine walls can offer virtually the same storage as most wine cellars, leveraging the height of walls to install wine racks, yes staying fairly compact in depth, freeing up square footage in a restaurant.

They can be customized not only in capacity but in style, just like traditional wine cellars.

Wine walls can offer climate control.

Wine walls have the ability to offer climate control for wine collections just as wine cellars do, which make this option even more appealing for smaller dining and bar establishments looking to create a stunning display and retain functionality.

These custom wine displays are eye candy for diners, and can have a direct impact on wine sales in restaurants and bars.

The key to wine sales in to create a visual environment.

Even though most restaurants offer wine lists, the most impactful feature in a restaurant or bar that will sell more wine is a wine display; one that the patrons can actually see and be able to peruse visually.

More than one publication has featured restaurants with amazing wine displays, and talked about how these displays drive wine sales up. Now smaller restaurants can enjoy these same results by having a custom wine room installed in their own establishment.

Start your custom wine cellar project today.