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Interior of a traditional wine cellar stacked with wine

When to keep, when to throw out.

Collecting your favorite wines to enjoy at a later date is a rewarding and fulfilling luxury of life. Educating yourself on which wines to hold onto longer than others is important.

A rule of thumb is the more expensive the wine, the more aging potential it has. Wines with more tannin will benefit more from aging; those that are fruity with little tannin won't. 

built in traditional wine cellar in residential home

Wine conditions.

Climate control is a crucial aspect of any wine cellar. Maintaining the correct temperature in a cellar will preserve your investment, until it has reached its optimum age for consumption. If you do nothing else, invest in a quality climate control system for your custom wine cellar.

Ensure your wine is set up properly for longevity, by reading through the storage checklist below. 

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Storing wine checklist.

  • Keep the temperature consistent
  • Keep it cool but not cold
  • Don’t expose bottles to excessive light or sunlight
  • Watch the humidity
  • Store bottles on their side
  • Store bottles in an area where there’s little vibration

Use this as your guide to come back to when you forget, and you'll be sure to consume your wine at the peak of its lifetime.

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