Metal wine rack mounted to wall in wine cellar
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  • 5 issues to consider before buying a custom wine rack.

1. What kind of style are you hoping to achieve?

For restaurants and homeowners alike, wine racks serve more than the purpose of just storing wine.

There are many different styles to consider when having a custom wine rack created. Typically these styles fall into two categories: Traditional and modern.

Traditional custom wine racks can be fabricated out several types of woods, and the capacity of storage is unlimited. If your home or commercial property is more traditional in nature, a traditional custom wine rack is likely the option for you.

Modern custom wine racks are appropriate for those restaurants, country clubs, or homes that have a more contemporary look and feel. One style is the more compact wine wall application where space could be at a premium, such as a loft, a smaller dining establishment, or a condo.

Modern wine racks can provide the same eye catching beauty as traditional wine racks, and allow the flexibility to blend seamlessly with its surroundings.

cable wine system custom wine cellar

2. What kind of material do you want your rack made from?

For those seeking a more modern look, a custom wine rack can be made out of acrylic or stainless steel.

Customers seeking a more traditional look can choose from an array of different kinds of woods, depending on the surroundings of where the wine rack will be.

The most popular and sought after woods include solid walnut, redwood, mahogany, oak, imported beech and more.

Be sure to deal with an installation specialist who is well-versed in these different kinds of woods and can insure the consistency of the materials being used.

custom traditional wine cellar built by Heritage Vine

3. How much storage are you looking for?

It’s important to have a clear vision on the overall capacity of the custom wine rack as you’re working with your designer.

To be sure that a homeowner or restaurant owner gets a wine rack designed specifically to their needs, it’s a good idea to start gathering ideas on storage capacity as well as having a clear understanding of the site limitations before a wine rack is designed.

Are you looking for the ability to store wine in a smaller, unused portion of your home or restaurant such as a hallway cellar? Or perhaps your restaurant has the ability for large wine storage.

Understanding your desired wine storage capacity is key to your ideal custom wine rack design and installation.

metal wine racking in modern wine cellar

4. Will the wine rack be free standing or in a climate controlled room?

Homeowners and restaurants alike need to consider what kind of environment the wine racks will be installed in.

For many people, installing wine racks in a climate controlled room is an ideal option. If that is the case, be sure to communicate with your wine rack designed that you desire climate control for wines.

If your installation will not be climate controlled, be sure that you communicate with your designer where the wine rack will be installed so that they may evaluate the environment to insure the best storage possible for your wines to avoid overexposure to temperatures or light.

modern custom wine wall in a luxury apartment

5. Who is the wine rack builder you are working with?

Wine rack companies vary widely in their abilities and expertise. Homeowners and commercial facilities need to understand the abilities of the company they’re working with for a wine rack installation.

Be sure to work with a company that designs, fabricates and installs wine racks so they’re responsible for quality beginning to end.

Only work with a company that will meet with you in person to review your needs, work with you on design ideas, and evaluate the site conditions where the rack will be installed.

Look for companies with independent reviews from sites such as Houzz, The Wall Street Journal or other reputable sites, and read what clients say about their work.

Find a company that offers a variety of wall finishes to insure your design is custom and fits your environment.

Wine storage in wine cellar

A custom wine rack not only adds beauty and functionality to your home or business, but can add value to the property overall.

Be sure to use these five tips before buying your custom wine rack and enjoy your wine for years to come.

Start your custom wine cellar project today.