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  • Choosing the right wine cellar contractor.

Recommendations and reviews.

A good place to start when searching for a local contractor for your wine cellar project is at your fingertips. First, you can call your friends and family members who are fellow wine enthusiasts to ask if they have recommendations for a wine cellar contractor in your area.

If you’ve seen a wine cellar you appreciated, don’t be afraid to ask the owner who constructed it. You can also ask around at your local wine merchants, as they will certainly have some information to share about wine cellar contractors in the area.

You can also search the internet and read reviews of contractors who specialize in installing custom wine cellars.

Ask to see previous work.

Once you have a few prospective wine cellar contractors in mind, it’s a good idea to speak to them in person or over the phone. When you do, be sure to ask for references from prior customers for whom the contractor has designed and built wine cellars in the past.

Ask to see a portfolio of prior work examples, as any contractor who is proud of his accomplishments will be more than happy to share examples of previous projects.

If you get references, make sure to follow up with them and ask pertinent questions that relate to the contractor’s performance. You may even be able to tour some of those previously built cellars as well, which will give you a first-hand look at the quality of craftsmanship and skill possessed by a contractor.

Check credentials.

Most states have licensing procedures for contractors of all types, and wine cellar contractors are included in that field. Make sure that the contractor you’re considering is licensed in your state and has met all regulatory requirements to construct in your area.

Also, you can check to make sure business licenses are current, as a professional contractor will abide by all local and state regulations.

Take your background check a step further by searching legal records to determine if your contractor has been the subject of lawsuits pertaining to faulty workmanship or unethical business practices.

You can also complete your due diligence by inquiring with the local chamber of commerce and Better Business Bureau to ensure that the contractor is in good standing.

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