Comparing tradtional and modern wine cellars
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  • Comparing traditional and modern wine cellars.


Traditional wine cellars usually use wood to create a warm atmosphere. Mahogany, oak, walnut, and redwood are commonly used when building traditional wine cellars. Wood is used throughout traditional wine cellars, both for the wine racks and on the surrounding walls.

Modern wine cellars tend to be less consistent in terms of their style. Some homeowners will incorporate frameless glass that better displays their wine collection, while others will use shallow wine walls that create a more polished look


Typically, traditional wine cellars are built in the basements of homes, as they provide an ideal environment for the wine to be stored in. It’s important that your wine cellar’s temperature and humidity levels are precisely controlled to ensure the wine doesn’t go bad.

The use of wood in traditional wine cellars further contributes to the preservation of wine. However, many people have utilized advanced technology to create wine cellars in more accessible areas of their home.

If you want to have your modern wine cellar situated in your kitchen or living room, you can do so without jeopardizing the integrity of the wine.


Whether you opt for a traditional or modern style, you can expect to spend a fair amount of money on your wine cellar.

That being said, traditional wine cellars may be more cost-effective than modern wine cellars. This is due to wood being a cheaper material than glass, acrylic, and stainless-steel.

If your basement is a suitable location to build your wine cellar, you can avoid having to create a controlled environment elsewhere in your home. This also will help you save more on your wine cellar.

Ultimately, you want to create a wine cellar that not only preserves your wine, but also aligns with your stylistic preferences.

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