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Wine walls.

Explore the possibility of custom wine walls.

Enjoy the convenience of wine storage in your home on virtually any wall. Wine walls store the same wine bottle capacity as a wine room or wine cellar, without having to give up valuable space in your home. This wine storage trend is gaining traction, and Heritage Vine has perfected the art!

The Mirabel Club custom wine cellar design

Wine walls, displayed behind framed or frameless glass, are a stunning addition to any room when executed well.

They can be climate controlled and utilize backlighting to add to the beauty of the wine display.

Bottles are typically stored in a horizontal position to easily read wine bottle labels, yet giving a more modern, streamlined look and a feeling of luxury. These custom wine walls are not only visually beautiful, they add a clean, sleek look to the space while providing the convenience of more compacted storage, especially when floor space is limited.

modern wine walls

Modern wine walls.

Not just for homes, these modern, elegant wine walls are in high demand in restaurants and lounges, where visually appealing wine displays are a must to generate wine sales among clientele. These displays have become a signature design element for dining establishments nationwide, becoming part of the interior architecture, and adding to the overall culinary experience. Dramatic wine walls are one of the fastest growing trends in the industry, and are in high demand by commercial designers, restaurant and bar owners, and homeowners looking to add an element of style to their home.

These seamless glass wine rooms are designed and installed by our professionals, customized for you, and created to add a visually stunning wine display while adding the convenience of wine storage in your home or business. The expertise required to create these wine walls demands an eye for style and design, and an understanding of functionality, including climate control and backlighting for that modern yet elegant effect.

Have a vision for your custom wine walls? Let us work with you to turn your vision into a reality. We offer the best in wine wall installation for the Phoenix and Orange County areas. Contact us today to get started on the wine wall you’ve always wanted.

rustic wine walls
modern glass wine walls

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