5 must haves for your custom wine cellar
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  • 5 must-haves for your custom wine cellar.

1. Storage space.

What good is a wine cellar that can't adequately store your collection? Consider your current collection with added room to grow. 

2. Display options.

Of course, a custom wine cellar is as much about the display as it is about storing your wine. Whether you prefer traditional racks, glass cases, or something else entirely, showing off your collection is half the fun.

3. Climate control

One of the main benefits and purposes of a dedicated wine cellar is to keep your collection in pristine condition. Climate controls for temperature, humidity, and more will help keep your collection immaculate.

4. Lighting.

Since lighting can truly make or break the appearance of a space, selecting gorgeous lighting will transform your cellar and make it into a space to rave about.

5. Personalized accessories.

From moving ladders and step stools to customized ceilings and doors, personalized accessories create a customized touch and set your wine cellar apart from the rest.

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