Home wine cellar
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Home wine cellar

The use of your home wine cellar.

Entertaining and storage are a few of the common uses for home wine cellars.

Knowing yourself, your lifestyle, and what you use your current collection for all come into consideration for your investment.

If you know what you envision, begin looking at the details you’d like for functionality such as seating, glassware, lighting, and decor.

You want to make the space feel welcoming, so take your time and craft a one-of-a-kind cellar that can be truly your own.

Home wine cellar

The frequency of your home wine cellar.

By frequency, we mean how often you access your collection for tasting, entertaining or showing your guests.

This needs to come into consideration before you start the build, because the shape and size of your home wine cellar needs to present you with an easy passage, in and out.

The racks inside your cellar also require thought, specifically access to height, the storage composition, and spacing of your wines.

Everything above will improve your experience, and endure in the long run.

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The conditions of your home wine cellar.

The temperature of your home wine cellar is fundamental to maintaining your collection with longevity.

Consider temperature by investing in a good thermometer and cooling unit, there are digital options for these so you can manage your collection from your phone.

The last thing you want is for your wine to not be properly stored, therefore your conditions need to represent what the wine needs.

Talk to our wine specialists and we can point you in the right direction.

Home wine cellar

The materials of your home wine cellar.

Your style is your own, be sure to hone it when you choose the materials for your home wine cellar.

We listen to your vision and help you understand what it might look like in terms of performance.

A glass wine cellar might mean you need double glazing, and a concrete basement wine cellar might mean you need extra insulation to hold the temperature.

The materials of your cellar might also need to tie in with the style of your home, so look at the space you currently have and how it might blend into it cohesively.

Start your custom wine cellar project today.