What makes a good wine cellar?
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Organizing your wine cellar tends to be a personal preference based on an individual’s taste.

However, there are a few arrangements that are typically seen by wine enthusiasts as good wine cellar practice.

The most common way to organize your wine cellar, is by varietal, as your wines usually already have labels that categorize this for you. Some other popular options you could choose from are; organizing your wine by region, age or occasion.

Consider functionality as part of your organizational efforts as well, because the practicality of finding a wine will ultimately be what makes yours a good wine cellar.

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Technology is a guaranteed component that makes a good wine cellar, and it is always getting smarter.

Technology makes your wine cellar more functional and efficient, through the use of apps, tracking systems, databases and preservation.

You can now protect, manage, track, cool and pour your wine with much more ease than ever before.

With more tech players on the market, talk to our team about how to incorporate technology into your upcoming wine cellar build.

Wooden wine cellar | What makes a good win cellar?


A key to ensuring your wine cellar is sustainable, is through good insulation.

Protecting your wine collection from mold or mildew is essential for understanding what makes a good wine cellar. Your wine needs to live in a clean space that won’t alter its quality overtime.

Our team recommends a 3” closed cell spray foam, which is a high-level type of insulation, eliminating the need for an additional vapor barrier.

Insulation is not a step to be brushed over, when it comes to getting the most out of your investment. The more insulation, the better sustainability of your wine.

Wine wall in restaurant | What makes a good wine cellar?

Climate control.

Climate control makes a good wine cellar because of its deliberate impact to your wine, day-in-day-out.

Installing a climate control system in your wine cellar will help maintain the temperature and control your humidity levels. Otherwise, you’ll see cracks start to appear, literally and figuratively.

If it’s too dry, your wine corks can crack and shrink, letting air into the bottles, therefore higher humidity levels will help it stay dewy.

Don’t overlook climate control and invest in the future of your wine collection, by letting a team of professionals find the perfect system for you.

Luxury wine wall | What makes a good wine cellar?


When you imagine what makes a good wine cellar, you probably visualize the design before anything else.

A high-quality and aesthetically-fitting design, transforms your collection into a state-of-the-art, professional-looking wine cellar.

The ability to translate your vision into a functional piece of art, is what Heritage Vine does best. Our design team listens closely to reflect your taste, whether it be; modern, traditional or even both.

Find inspiration for your wine cellar by visiting our recent projects, or by browsing some of our wine cellar ideas for 2021.



Overall, you can’t build a house without a proper foundation.

This very much applies to designing, crafting and installing your wine cellar.

What makes a good wine cellar comes down to its functionality, efficiency and sustainability.

These all work succinctly together to form the groundwork in order for your wine cellar to achieve optimal performance, and longevity in the years to come.

Start your custom wine cellar project today.