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New York custom wine cellar cooling unit

Manage temperature levels.

Heat can quickly cause damage to your collection if not monitored properly.

Therefore, a wine cellar cooling unit is good for eliminating those temperature variations.

Similar to an air conditioner, a wine cellar cooling unit removes unnecessary water content.

They better maintain the humidity levels in your wine cellar using a compressor, metering device, condenser and evaporator coil.

Wine cellar cooling unit - Heritage Vine

Self contained units.

These are compact and a good option for smaller budgets or wine cellar designs.

They resemble air conditioning as they’re often mounted and vented through the walls.

Self-contained, wine cellar cooling units are easy to install and maintain, and are typically to the go-to choice for most people.

It typically only requires a minor renovation to the space, and could be considered the louder option.

wine cellar cooling unit

Ducted cooling units.

These are are good for limiting the amount of unattractive cooling equipment in your wine cellar.

This is because you’re able to locate your evaporator and condenser outside, while still provide your cellar with the optimal environment it needs to thrive in.

If you’d prefer a subtle design, and one that doesn’t impact looks and aesthetic, the ducted wine cellar cooling unit would be perfect.

They’re also quiet and great for bigger areas.

wine cellar cooling unit

Ductless split systems.

These wine cellar cooling units work best for wine cellars missing ventilation.

They’re also great for efficiency and maintaining a longer life span than any other wine cellar cooling unit.

Getting minimal noise and and vibration is nice as well, for your own experience of the space.

If you’re self-contained unit isn’t enough, and you require something capable of cooling larger spaces, the split system should work better.

The Mirabel Club custom wine cellar design

More factors to consider.

Test the noise of your wine cellar cooling unit (if possible) before deciding.

Your ambiance is hard to get back if your unit’s is too loud. Understand that the price will vary depending on the size, power, type of unit and voltage.

The easiness of repairing your unit, will save you in the long run, so ensure you’ve chosen one that isn’t too complicated to maintain.

Get in touch with the Heritage Vine team for more advice on which wine cellar cooling unit to choose. We’ll help find the best fit for your space.

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