Why your home needs a wine room
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  • Why your home needs a wine room.

Wine cellars protect your wine investment.

There are many articles out there regarding how wine cellars protect your wine investment. First, wine rooms will control the temperature that your wine collection is stored at, which protects the integrity of the wine by keeping temperatures consistent, greatly reducing the chance of wine quality being compromised.

In addition, a home wine room can control the humidity level that wines are stored at. Similar to temperature, keeping humidity consistent when storing wine will protect the quality of the wine. Other considerations including direct light, the proper angle to store wines at, and even vibration. Dedicating a controlled environment within your home will protect your wine investment for years to come.

In-home wine rooms can increase the value of a home.

In addition to wine rooms providing value from a functional standpoint, a beautifully designed wine cellar can add true beauty to any home. Wine cellars are increasingly becoming a sought after feature in new home builds, and having a custom wine cellar built with your home’s design in mind will definitely help your home stand apart from others should you be looking at the future resale value of your home.

While your primary intent of having a custom wine cellar built may be for your own personally enjoyment, know that your house’s resale value may increase with a wine room’s existence.

Wine rooms can save you money.

While the initial investment of building a custom wine cellar in your home is something to consider, having a wine room in your house can save you money by giving you the ability to store large amounts of wine should you have an opportunity to buy a good wine in bulk, thus saving money. It can also save you money by allowing you to have a more diverse wine collection, allowing you to access the right wine for any meal or occasion without having to resort to opening an expensive wine for lack of options.

Finally, while not always the case, a good wine can actually increase in value over time when stored properly. Finding a young wine with great promise and purchasing it to store over time will save money spent on that more mature bottle of wine years down the road.

Other advantages of having a wine cellar in your home.

If you’re still not convinced of the benefits of having a custom wine cellar in your home, here are a few more advantages to having a wine cellar in your home:

  • Expertise: When people build their own wine collection, they usually become more knowledgeable about the many varieties of wine and when they are at their peak.
  • Improved Wine Collection: People tend to buy more high-quality wine because they know that it’s being stored properly and will be good when they finally open it.
  • Organization: A wine cellar lets you maintain an organized wine collection so that you know just what kind of wines you have and can easily access them for the proper occasion.
  • Pleasure: Many people enjoy showing off their wine collection to friends and sharing or gifting a bottle. A wine cellar is the perfect way to do this.
  • Profit: While most wine cellars are simply for pleasure, some people end up purchasing wine and then selling it at a profit.

Creating a wine cellar in your home can be an exciting experience. You can design and build the cellar with your tastes and ideas in mind to get exactly what you want, making the concept of a wine room in your home a practical and pleasurable investment.

How can you choose which humidity control option is right for your wine cellar?

To get the best results for your wine cellar and keep the humidity level optimal, it’s best to contact a wine cellar professional to provide recommendations on the type of climate control system that’s right for you.

Humidity can be a friend or an enemy to a wine collection. Understanding wine cellar humidity and the importance of climate control will protect your wine collection for years to come.

Start your custom wine cellar project today.