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The North Canyon Cellar: A Grand Traditional Cellar Masterpiece

Crafted for a discerning client in Arizona, this traditional style residential wine cellar is a completely bespoke, custom cellar design from the team at Heritage Vine. Constructed with beautiful natural walnut wood, it stands out as an exquisite wine cellar.

The Vision

Heritage Vine designed the wine cellar to suit the client’s needs and style preferences. The goal was to create a majestic wine cellar which could fit as many wine bottles as possible while keeping it visually stunning. To do so, the Heritage Vine team designed a grand cellar from floor to ceiling, featuring 3100 bottles, excluding those housed in the case storage at the bottom. In terms of style, the cellar stands out with its gracefully curved corners, drawers, and arch, meticulously crafted to blend harmoniously with the villa's traditional architectural style.

Project Details

Cellar Type: Residential

Cellar Style: Traditional

Cellar Bottle Capacity: 3100 bottles

Materials: Natural walnut wood

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The Challenge

Constructing a wine cellar of such magnitude presents its own set of challenges, but the necessity to eliminate two windows and incorporate curved corners into the design added an additional layer of complexity. The primary hurdle was concerning the windows present in the room. Removing the two windows without altering the exterior facade of the house was imperative. Windows in a wine cellar pose a challenge for temperature regulation, as they allow heat and light to infiltrate the space, compromising the integrity of the wine storage environment.

Another significant hurdle emerged regarding the curved design. The client requested to include a wastebasket in a cabinet. To accommodate this, the Heritage Vine team crafted a curved cabinet door. However, during the cellar installation, it became apparent that there was an issue with the door, prompting the team to make necessary modifications to the original plan. Despite this minor change, the Heritage Vine team navigated the complexities of creating a cellar that was both visually stunning and highly functional.

Masterful Execution

Faced with these challenges, Heritage Vine crafted a bespoke wine cellar that seamlessly marries aesthetics with functionality. Constructed with a beautiful natural walnut wood, it stands out as a magnificent wine cellar. Whilst label display is trending right now, the designer ensured the cellar was functional by incorporating case storage options into the cellar's layout. The North Canyon Cellar emerges as a testament to the fusion of architectural ingenuity and a profound appreciation for fine wines.

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Crafting Masterpieces in Wine Storage and Display

Beyond the North Canyon Cellar, Heritage Vine extends its legacy to residential ventures, like the Calle de Norte Cellar in Arizona. The commitment to meticulous planning, expert execution, and innovative design is a constant theme. Heritage Vine transforms unique visions into awe-inspiring realities, whether it is a residential haven or a Michelin-standard restaurant.

In the world of wine storage and display, Heritage Vine's craftsmanship goes beyond trends, setting a standard for excellence. We continue to redefine the possibilities of wine cellars, crafting masterpieces that go beyond conventional boundaries.

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