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  • 5 things to consider before building a modern wine cellar.

What does “modern” mean when it comes to wine cellar design?

There’s no question that one of the current trends in home and commercial wine cellar installations is a cellar more modern in look and feel, but what exactly does that mean? Since the word “modern” can mean many things to many people, here are a few characteristics that tend to be found in more modern wine cellar designs:

  • Very little wood is used
  • Stainless steel racking and accessories
  • Lines are sleek, even minimalistic; clean lines
  • Greater dependence on metals over wood
  • Lots of glass
  • Use of more industrial-like lighting

Often homeowners ask for a modern wine cellar when they actually might want a transitional style, a wine cellar that has a more modern feel, yet blends seamlessly with the rest of their home that might have a more traditional vibe overall. Be sure to understand what you want your cellar to look like, as well as what the feel you’re looking for is, when you’re working with a wine cellar design and installation professional.

cable wine system custom wine cellar

What kind of technology would you like in your cellar?

There are all kinds of options available for wine room technology nowadays and with a more modern style, this technology will blend well with the design overall. Looking for touchpad or remote climate control? Ability to dim lights or even change lighting colors? How about the ability to actually manage the inventory electronically? These are all options available with custom wine cellars nowadays! Some technology can be well hidden and out of view but others might require keypads and remotes. Will that enhance the look of the wine room as you envision it?

Estates at Eastmark modern metal and wood wine cellar racking

Will your wine room just be for wine?

When you envision your wine cellar, what do you see? Is it a centerpiece in a room? A showpiece to highlight your wine collection? Or can you see it as a place where people gather or sit and relax? You’ll want to communicate the functionality you desire in your wine room to your installation specialist so they can design a space that suits your needs.

Siverson custom glass wine wall room divide

What kind of wine collection do you anticipate creating?

Unfortunately, many wine rooms are designed with aesthetics in mind, and functionality takes a back seat, but how the wine room is used is greatly impacted by the wine you’ll be collecting. Why? If you have a wine collection in a warmer climate, or anticipate collecting both whites and reds, you’re going to need some kind of climate control in your wine room.

Regardless of whether the style is modern or traditional, white wines and red wines need to be stored differently, which should take into consideration not only temperature but humidity. Light also needs to be taken into consideration. If you want a more modern cellar with lots of glass, you’ll need to take sunlight into consideration during the design to retain the quality of your collection over time.

metal wine racking in modern wine cellar

Just because you like modern doesn’t mean you can’t have traditional.

While the trend these days may lean towards a more modern, sleek look, it doesn’t mean your wine cellar can’t have a traditional vibe to it as well. Also known as transitional style, a trend that is even bigger than modern wine cellars are cellars that have no particular “style” or “vibe” to them at all. Homeowners are realizing that, like their homes, there’s no need to follow what’s “in” or trendy.

Traditional, modern, transitional wine cellars are all equally in demand as wine cellar designers break away from the mold of what a “typical” wine room should look like. Think unique, custom, and awe-inspiring innovative designs when planning your dream wine room.

You CAN mix stainless steel racking and aged wine barrels. You can even mix your metals! The beauty of building a custom wine cellar for your home is that it’s your wine room, designed to illustrate your vision. Let your modern wine cellar be whatever you want it to be. That is what today’s modern wine cellar truly is.

Start your custom wine cellar project today.