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  • What’s the difference between using single pane and dual pane glass.

What’s the difference between single pane and dual pane?

Regardless of whether you opt for the more modern look for your wine room, which will likely incorporate a lot of glass, metal and more modern materials, or a more traditional look that adds warm and richness through using wood, both will require glass. Insulated glass, also known as double pane, is two pieces of glass with an airspace between them

Doesn’t dual pane mean twice the protection?

The common perception when it comes to glass is, if single pane is good, dual pane is better. Dual pane is better because it prevents condensation. Single pane glass is what can cause condensation.

Wine cellar styles can impact glass choice.

There are many options to consider when choosing glass for your custom wine cellar, but they fall into two main categories: framed or frameless glass.

Framed glass is more expensive but allows for double-paned options. This means you may be able to take advantage of the insulation value, saving the need for larger cooling systems in some cases. Frameless glass uses metal hinges to connect the glass and is often a third of the cost. Frameless looks beautiful in a modern, minimalist environment but it can only be installed in single-pane options.

This means you may have to factor the extra heat gain into your climate control purchase. Having said that, a skilled wine cellar fabrication company will know how to properly installed glass, regardless of whether it’s dual or single pane, to make the cellar as energy efficient as possible.

The best choice for glass-enclosed wine cellars.

At Heritage Vine, we recommend using ½” frameless glass. We seal every seam, placing discreet locks on the doors to complete the process. We recommend a frameless glass installation. With this, the goal is for the door and framework to disappear, making your wine collection the focal point of your room.

Installing glass for a wine room requires great precision, skill and experience, and is best handled by a professional such as Heritage Vine. The end goal is to get the beautiful, functional, efficient wine cellar you always dreamed of.

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