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Commercial wine cellar customization.

Heritage Vine offers flexible customization opportunities. Firstly, consider the use of your commercial wine cellar.

Access your collection via pull-out shelves, cabinets or lockers. Display your collection with high-quality lighting, and customize the dimmer switch to help tune your atmosphere.

Organize your shelving via a racking system to showcase the bottles in whichever way you prefer.

Heritage wine cellar builders work with you to custom-make the components to your choosing, producing something truly one-of-a-kind to your business.

Heritage Vine wine cellar builders

The design process.

Core to your business is workflow, which means your custom wine cellar needs to be accessible to staff.

This is a design feature that can be easily configured in the early stages of the process. Determining your climate control is also what you’d expect from us in this process.

Also, considering how you’d like to present your wine cellar to customers, and the location you’d like. The earlier you engage with our wine cellar builders, the better your result will typically be.

We ‘listen first, design second,’ which means we make sure every request is considered prior to development.

Wine cellar builders of Avec Nous L’Ermitage Beverly Hills Hotel

The build process.

Our wine cellar builders fabricate your project to the highest standard.

Assembled by a team of artisans who specialize in sourcing the finest materials, achieving nothing short of excellence.

The Heritage Vine builders are fuelled to produce durable wine cellars which are engineered to last. Details are important to perfect, so are materials, that’s why we craft cellars in the country.

We can achieve a better level of quality control from being so hands-on. Doing so also allows us to employ locals and create jobs for the community.

New York custom wine cellar cooling unit

The installation process.

Your business operations don’t stop, which is why we specialize in installing wine cellars with minimal impact to your day-to-day.

You can expect your custom wine cellar to be packed, shipped and then installed operationally with your working environment.

Wine cellar builders like ours have the collective experience of a logistical powerhouse.

Heavy planning is done, calculating your installation meticulously. Your restaurant, wine store or country club continues running like usual.

Dining table set up at restaurant with wine wall at the back, built by Heritage Vine

The maintenance process.

To ensure your custom wine cellar is operating as it should, a regular maintenance check-up is suggested.

Give yourself peace-of-mind, like you would if you were consulting a physician. Your wine cellar cooling system also requires the expertise of wine cellar builders to check for any damage or wear and tear.

A breakdown of a unit like this could impact the quality of your wine, and if it goes undiscovered, it could truly prove detrimental to your investment.

Utilize our knowledge and intelligence, and consult our team for a check-up and you can sleep easy.

Start your custom wine cellar project today.