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wine cellar wall


Organizing your collection via a wine cellar wall keeps the bottles conveniently located.

They’re common for restaurants and country clubs, whilst being regarded as a more simplistic residential option.

It’s helpful to have your wines positioned on a wall because of the readability factor, through which your wine bottle labels all face the front window.

Wines are typically stored in a horizontal position in a wine cellar wall, therefore it’s easy for staff to decipher under time pressures.

wine cellar wall at Gainey Ranch Clubhouse

Compact and convenient.

The design of wine cellar walls ensures it’s easy to take from and put back your collection.

The compactness of your wall doesn’t detract from the height of your shelves.

Therefore, if your collection varies in height, weight, and size, this can be customized in the building stage.

The less effort it takes for the consumer or staff member to reach for it, the more optimized and safer it will be for everyone.

wine cellar wall Phoenix

Generate sales.

Seeing as your wine cellar wall is designed to be on display, a smart way to use one would be to generate sales.

The sheer beauty of a wine wall positioned in a restaurant or country club, truly shines a new light on your collection, and provokes desire from the outside looking in.

It’s an attractive method to use, whether your design is more traditional and vintage, or modern and more state-of-the-art. Either way, it’ll stand out.

Custom wine cellar in luxury living room


As there may be less material required, and because a wine cellar wall is typically smaller than a wine room, this could be a more cost-effective option for you.

Consider the scale of which you want your wine cellar wall to be on.

Do you want something compact, featuring around 100-500 wines? Or do you have a large collection of 10,000 plus you seek to showcase?

Consider your situation prior to signing off, and our helpful team can guide you in the direction of what might work best.

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Saves space.

There isn’t much space required for a wine cellar wall build, as they’re mounted on a flat wall.

If you want to protect your investment and mature your collection, however don’t have the space or can’t decide on an area you wish to utilize, considering this type of build would be wise.

It’s easy to install and even easier to use on a regular basis. You can see the space it takes up in front of you, and you get to enjoy the exhibition aspect of it as well.

Start your custom wine cellar project today.