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The Phoenix Country Club: A Unique Locker Wine Cellar

Nestled in Phoenix, Arizona, the Phoenix Country Club Cellar is a completely bespoke cellar installation, tailored for the Country Club's requirements. Stunning and practical, this cellar is the result of a collaboration between the Country Club, interior designers and the Heritage Vine team. Crafted with walnut wood, golden bronze vino pins, and bronze mesh detailing, this traditional transitional style cellar stands out as the centerpiece of the Country Club's restaurant.

The Vision

Within the blueprints of the Country Club’s renovation, the Phoenix Country Club Cellar was conceived to be both elegant and practical. Positioned in the restaurant as an unmissable masterpiece, this unique wine cellar features 80 lockers, for a capacity of around 1100 bottles. These lockers are available for the club members to rent, so they can enjoy their own wine purchases within the club in perfect condition. With a nod to traditional cellar aesthetics, this new addition to the Country Club was designed to seamlessly integrate into the surrounding aesthetics.

Project Details

Cellar Type: Commercial

Cellar Style: Traditional to Transitional

Cellar Bottle Capacity: 1100 bottles

Materials: Walnut wood, golden bronze vino pins and bronze mesh

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The Challenge

Creating a cellar of such grandeur presented its own set of challenges. The primary hurdle was concerning the cooling and temperature control system. Given the size of the cellar and its 80 lockers, the Heritage Vine team installed three different cooling units within the cellar. Having three small cooling units instead of one large one made it easier to regulate the temperature in the cellar. Additionally, the team designed a woven bronze mesh internal infrastructure to facilitate the airflow within the individual lockers, whilst ensuring they could be locked and inaccessible from the adjacent units.

Another factor that the Heritage Vine team had to carefully address was regarding the different state laws. In Arizona, clients have to purchase wine from the restaurant, and cannot bring their own with a corkage fee. This led to the consideration of the individual lockers within the cellar, enabling clients to rent lockers to hold their purchases for consumption onsite at their leisure. This is a great example of how a wine cellar can be an exceptional source of quality storage for not only the commercial business, but also its patrons.

Masterful Execution

Faced with these challenges, Heritage Vine crafted a unique traditional transitional style commercial wine cellar, bringing the clients’ vision to life. The result is a cellar that not only preserves the integrity of the wines but also enhances their display, creating a space that is as functional as it is beautiful. Walnut wood with a clear finish added a touch of softness, harmonizing with the golden bronze vino pins and woven bronze mesh. The Phoenix Country Club Cellar now features a sophisticated oasis where fine wines find their rightful home.

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Crafting Masterpieces in Wine Storage and Display

Beyond the Phoenix Country Club Cellar, Heritage Vine extends its legacy to other commercial ventures, such as the Peak Restaurant wine wall in NYC. The commitment to meticulous planning, expert execution, and innovative design is a constant throughout our cellar installations. Heritage Vine transforms unique visions into awe-inspiring realities, whether it is a residential haven or a Michelin-standard restaurant.

If you're envisioning a commercial wine cellar project that demands unparalleled craftsmanship, innovation, and meticulous attention to detail, let's collaborate.

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