Custom Wine Cellars Scottsdale

Transitional Wine Room

This homeowner wanted a showpiece in the center of their home that was modern, but warm at the same time. They also wanted their cellar refrigerated to 55 degrees to preserve the wine for years to come. The visual is created by opening the cellar up, bringing it out of the basement and into the limelight. This can create challenges when it comes to refrigerating the space. With glass cellars, you can always run the risk of under-sizing a cooling system or moisture build-up on the glass. We achieved this with a properly designed split cooling system and engineered it to prevent any condensation from forming on the glass.

Wine Cellar Experts

The wine racking was designed, crafted, and delivered by Heritage Vine Inc. We used natural black American walnut to give the room warmth but incorporated brushed aluminum rods into the design to bring a more modern feel. Warm white LED lighting was incorporated behind the racking system to create a glow that makes a perfect ambient environment for nighttime entertaining.

Scottsdale Custom Wine Cellars

Form and function were what the customer wanted, and that’s what we achieved. With a capacity over 600 bottles, this gives the client ample room to grow their collection but still have the jaw-dropping center of the home feature.

This home sold, at the time, for the most price per square foot of any other home in history.

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