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Transitional Glass Wine Room

Nestled within the heart of a contemporary, transitional-style home, this custom wine room stands as a testament to the exquisite fusion of functionality and artistic expression.

Collaborating with the talented team at Heritage Vine, Karen's vision was brought to life, resulting in not just a wine storage space, but a breathtaking centerpiece that enhances the ambiance of her home. With a capacity to hold over 450 bottles, the cellar exudes a transitional modern design theme, incorporating materials like American Walnut, brushed aluminum and glass.

The Vision

The meticulous attention to detail is evident in every aspect of this design masterpiece, from the hidden climate control system to the striking glass walls that allows natural light to permeate the space. Personal touches such as a customized wallpaper and the inclusion of beloved art pieces provide a unique flair, showcasing Karen's individual style and evolving vision.

Project Details

Cellar Category:

Residential Wine Room

Cellar Bottle Capacity:

450+ bottles

Design Theme:

Transitional Modern

Feature Materials:

American Walnut, Brushed Aluminum, Glass

Wine Cellar Experts

Masterful Execution

This custom designed wine room showcases the perfect marriage of design and functionality. Karen added her personal touch with a wallpaper behind the wine shelving, giving a subtle reflection on the bottles and enhancing the cellar walls. The challenge of a higher ceiling was tackled by hiding the climate system in the roof, ensuring it remained invisible to the eye and did not take away from the cellar aesthetic. The glass wall allows light to enhance the space, ensuring the cellar feels open and spacious.

Scottsdale Custom Wine Cellars

Personal Touches and Evolution

This beautiful wine room evolved over time, with Karen's inspirations and flair leading the way. The desire for a table without occupying too much space, the need for the wine room to be usable yet protective of the wine collection, and the inclusion of personal art pieces showcase the homeowner's unique touch. The central light and the middle railing's design are examples of how Heritage Vine's flexibility allowed the design to evolve, accommodating personal preferences and emerging trends.

Client testimonial

“We are thrilled with the final result of working closely with Jamie and the Heritage Vine team on our custom wine room. Their unmatched creativity and the immediate connection we felt from the start made this project truly special. They understood our vision and design, creating a beautiful space that is not only visually stunning, but functional and fun. The ability to completely customize our wine room right down to our own personal touches adds to the sentimental value. Thank you Heritage Vine for creating a wine room that is beloved by our family.” Karen Ippolito

Crafting Masterpieces in Wine Storage and Display

This home sold, at the time, for the most price per square foot of any other home in history.

Crafting a wine room that goes beyond mere functionality, Heritage Vine has elevated the experience of wine storage and display, offering a space for education, experimentation, and pure enjoyment.

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